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Tablets sprout and growth for hair





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Free Shipping from 249,00 EUR net order value !!!
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PU = Packing Unit
Tablets grow and grow Groomarang to swallow, by box of 30.
Grow and Grow Tablets Groomarang to swallow, per box of 30.
Box plastic material.
Size / Weight: L8 x W2 x H11 cm / 50g

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Groomarang is an English brand recognized for its technological innovation.

This product is a dietary supplement that will accelerate the growth of your hair, all assets have been carefully selected by the brand to significantly boost the growth of your hair.

The formulation is suitable for vegetarians thanks to its 100% natural composition.
Enriched with vitamin E, biotin and vitamin B12, this product contains no artificial colors or artificial flavors.

The tablets are in a white bottle that closes tightly. They are to be kept in a dry and not too hot place.

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How to use :

For one to get all the benefits, take one tablet a day with meals accompanied by a glass of water.
The tablets grow and grow Groomarang significantly accelerate hair growth. To fill a sparse scalp and your hair grow faster and better is the product you need do not hesitate! Find in hair in full health!

Groomarang Pro :

Holding a complete range for the care of men, GROOMARANG has seduced a large number of barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons in the world ...
With its qualitative products composed of 100% natural elements, give satisfaction to your customers.

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