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RESISTANCE BANDS: 5 Strength Bands for Sport





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Resistance Bands are made of high quality natural latex, ecological and durable! Perfectly mixed, they are aimed at both men and women. However, the training logic is different depending on the genders. These men prefer to work more on the upper body: arms, back, shoulders, abs, while these ladies focus more on the lower body: hips, buttocks and thighs. The Resistance Bands pack contains a set of 5 hyper stretch elastic bands and a storage bag. All of different colors! Each has its own level of resistance: (Extra light, light, medium, heavy and Extra heavy). X-Light: For warming up and rehabilitating effort Light: For forearms and calves Medium: For knees and thighs Heavy: For hips and buttocks X-Heavy: To develop musculature
Resistance Bands have been designed to help shape your body and stay in top physical shape. With just 15 minutes of training per day, you will achieve a strong back, toned arms, a slimmer waistline, raised buttocks and muscular legs. Recommended during physiotherapy exercises, they are prescribed during rehabilitation programs following injuries to the knees or for postnatal recovery. Also used by sports professionals, we find Resistance Bands in sports activities such as yoga, fitness, pilates, aerobics, gymnastics and more fashionable today, CrossFit. It is never too late when it comes to getting active and starting to build a healthy mind in a healthy body. To maintain an impeccable figure, regular sporting activity is essential. Resistance Bands will benefit you. They will help you strengthen all your muscle groups (thighs, glutes, back and pecs). In addition to your sports activities, use the Resistance Bands to maximize the effects of your fitness session. They will add additional difficulty to your usual exercises. Ideal for breaking the monotony! The elastic bands are aimed at all those who love sports and are looking to improve the quality of their training. No need to wait until you are at the gym to build your glutes. The Resistance Bands will work your body flexibility at any time of the day. Thanks to its compact storage bag, take your elastic bands everywhere. They fit in a super light pouch. You can use it at home, in the gym or outdoors. You can also take them on vacation or on a business trip. Strengths: Develops muscle strength Stabilizes posture Controls stretching distance Equalizes resistance to tension Difficult to deform



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