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REBAINER: 5 Resistance Bands with Accessories





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Work all parts of your body with this set of 5 adjustable resistance bands. Different colors, by level of intensity, perform a multitude of exercises for the arms, shoulders, chest, buttocks, legs, etc. Several accessories are included, including foam handles and metal carabiners for optimal comfort and secure attachment. discover REBAINER - The Set Of 5 Adjustable Resistance Bands and get convincing results at home
MULTITUDE OF EXERCISES: Perform over 150 exercises with these rubber bands. A complete workout to work one or more parts of the body at the same time. THE BEST ACCESSORIES: Easily achieve the goals you want: mass gain, fat burn, muscle tone or even rehabilitation following an injury. IN MINUTES: The Rebainers are easy to install, which allows you to quickly start your workout, without wasting time, to start the day in good shape! A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE KIT: After your sessions, you will feel excellent results on your body, using it only a few minutes a day, and this without any risk of injury. the best of fitness with our weight bands Set your own fitness goals with the Rebainer Full Body Workout Kit! This pack of professional resistant elastic bands is a great alternative to free weight exercises performed in the gym. Resistance bands improve muscle strength and are also safer for your joints in the long run. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran the Rebainer bands will take you forward, targeting all muscle groups. Work your whole body or just one or more muscle groups. Features The Rebainer set includes 5 variable resistance straps so you can mix and match weight levels, from 4.5kg to 67.5kg (all bands combined together). 5 intensity levels: Yellow: 4.5 kg Red: 9 kg Green: 13.5 kg Blue: 18 kg Black: 22.5 kg with a complete training guide of 12 exercises carrying bag provided The kit Elastic Rebainer is compact and easily transportable. It can accompany you everywhere thanks to its included transport bag. You can train at the office, in the park, at the hotel, at the gym or while traveling. REBAINER: resistance bands for a more intense workout Material: Latex, TPE, Nylon Metal carabiners Type: Unisex x5 elastic resistance bands x2 handles with foam sleeves x2 ankle strap x1 door anchor Modern and ergonomic design Multifunction Full training Fits at all levels Indoor and outdoor use Lightweight, handy and easy to use Takes up little space Easy to transport and store



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