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Knit Blanket, Bedspread Gray 100% polyester (B / H

Knit blanket, Bedspread Gray 100% polyester (width / height) 140x160cm

- Material: textile

- Color gray

- Packing: poly bag

- Product group: Ceilings

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Knit Blanket, Bedspread 100% polyester Pink / Pink

Knit blanket, Bedspread 100% polyester pink / pink (width / height) 140x160cm - Material: textile - Color: Pink / / Pink - Packing: poly bag - Product group: Ceilings

Fleece baby blanket, 6-fold assorted, B10

Baby times assorted blanket in fleece, 6 times assorted , B100 x H80 cm Product group: ceilings Thread: Baby / Birth





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