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Bio-fireplace wall in stainless steel and black BO





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Wall-mounted fireplace with modern design
Bio-fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional fireplaces for those who want to enjoy a fire with real flames without the need for works or installations. They work thanks to an Alcohol of natural origin and high energetic power, thanks to which a sensation of almost immediate heat is achieved. This Alcohol belonging to the range of renewable energies, only releases water vapor and CO2 in a weak quantity at the moment of its combustion (similar to a couple of lit candles), with which you can also forget about fumes and ashes.
Enjoy a new decorative product in your home, which also will provide a comfortable heat for the coldest days of winter, or an intimate atmosphere for special occasions at any time of year. Surprise yourself with a Purline bio-fireplace and enjoy your home with this great decorative heating system.
Its stainless steel front panel with black steel frame brings great elegance to the wall of any home. Equipped with an adjustable flame burner, a safety barrier and an insulation plate, which allows to hang it from the wall
It has a mounting kit with the necessary screws and bars to hang it, almost as if it were a painting ... It will take very little time to have it working once you have it in your house.
Wall-mounted bio-fireplace (includes mounting kit)
Measurements (LxPxH): 85 x 18 x 58 cm
Weight: 15.5 kg
Approximate heat output: equivalent to 2.0 kW
Finish: stainless steel and black
Adjustable flame 1.2 L combustion tank made of stainless steel with fiber included for safety
Includes tool to extinguish the flame
Real flames , sensation of almost immediate heat
Clean, smoke-free , ash-free and easy to maintain
Independent of another source of energy, such as gas or electricity
Decoration accessories available: stones, logs and maple leaves (the accessories must be placed around the tank without covering it so as not to block it). Accessories are not included, but you can get them easily.



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