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Biochimenea mural white with glass and stone





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Special edition of the bestbio model with protective front glass. Incudes stones
The biochimeneas offer an alternative to traditional fireplaces for those who want to enjoy a fire with real flames without the need of works or facilities. They work thanks to an Alcohol of natural origin and high energetic power, thanks to which a sensation of almost immediate heat is achieved. This Alcohol belongs to the range of renewable energies, it only releases water vapor in a weak quantity at the moment of its combustion, with which you can also forget about fumes and ashes.

The BestBio DESIGN model has a great calorific power, which guarantees that it will take a few minutes for it to begin to notice a pleasant sensation of heat. It also has a modern and elegant design, which will allow you to attach it to any room in your home without fear of breaking the aesthetics of it.

This model comes with a combustion block that will allow you to regulate the height of the flame. In addition, the bio-fireplace includes a stuffing kit (funnel jar) and a set of ceramic stones, as well as a front protective glass.


Measurements (LxPxH): 70 x 20 x 60 cm.
Approximate heat power: 2 kW.
Weight: 18 kg
Finish: Lacquered steel body.
1 1.2-liter combustion block, with flame regulation, made of stainless steel, so its resistance is a safe guarantee.
Real flames, sensation of almost immediate heat
Clean, smoke-free, ash-free and easy to maintain
Independent of another source of energy, such as gas or electricity
Includes tool to turn off and regulate the flame
Decoration accessories available: stones and logs (the accessories must be placed around the tank without covering it to block it). This model includes a set of ceramic stones, a jug and a funnel.

The fuel

The biochimeneas use a liquid fuel of vegetal origin clean and respectful with the environment. It is obtained through a completely natural process, through the fermentation of plants such as sugar cane, beet, etc. and by the distillation of the starch contained in wheat and corn.



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