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Pocket Mini Scale 500G 0,1G #2612





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Pocket Mini Scale 500G 0,1G #2612

Compact pocket scale, that will be useful to everyone. The scale with a flap has a weighing range up to 500 g and is powered by batteries. With its help one can weigh small objects, e.g. coins, keys, jewellery and even gemstones. Jewellery scale is very easy and even intuitive in handling – besides, on the flap there is a practical instruction of use and calibration. Thanks to its small dimensions (7,5x13x1,5 cm) and closing flap, the jewellery scale can be taken everywhere – e.g. in a handbag, backpack and even a pocket. The flap in the pocket scale not only protects the display, but also protects the device from accidental switching on as a consequence of a push.
High accuracy (0,1 g), that characterises the jewellery scale, makes the measurement results very reliable. There is a possibility of setting 6 different measurement units (G, CT, DWT, GN, OZ, TL, OZT). Apart form that, the pocket scale has an important feature of internal calibration, thanks to which we can be sure, that its measurements will be correct even after a longer usage. The tare function is also very practical and it can be used e.g. while subtracting the weight of the packing from the product weight. We only have to weight the packing and push the button TARE, thereafter we can measure the weight of the packed products – the scale will show only the weight of the contents and not the weight of the product with packing. 
Readable and clear display LCD in the scale with a flap allows to easily read the displayed value. The scale with a flap switches off automatically when it is not used for more than 60 seconds. The sleeping mode guarantees increasing the lifetime of a battery. 


CLOSING WITH A FLAP – it protects the scale’s surface and display from accidental push.


SMALL SIZE – it can be placed in a handbag and even a pocket.


POSSIBILITY OF TARING – it allows e.g. subtract the weight of the packing from the total weight.


AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF – when not in use, the scale will automatically switch off after 60s, what increases the battery life. 


SPECIFICATION – case colour: black, weighing range: up to 500 g, units of measurements: G, CT, DWT, GN, OZ, TL, OZT, weight accuracy: 0,1 g, number of figures on the screen: 5 digits, automatic switch off: 60s, additional feature:


TARE, display: backlit, power supply: 2x batteries AAA (included), dimensions (width/length/height): 7,5/12,7/1,7 cm, product weight: 110 g. 



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