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Electronic Piggy Bank Cat Coins Automatic Money Children Gift Box Boat Collectible Savings 3051

Do you want to teach your toddler how to save money? This interactive money box will help you with this difficult task! The joyful cat which collects the coins will encourage your child to put the money aside for the future. No one will manage to say no to this cute meowing pet! The adorable cat money box is an amazing toy which not only entertains us but also provides us useful lessons - it will be a perfect first money box for your toddler.
This interactive money box is battery-powered (not included). When we put a coin on a special plate (with a picture of fish backbone) on the edge of this interactive money box, we will wake up a kitten sleeping inside a box. Feeling the pressure on the plate, the cat will reach out and collect the coin with its little paw. The collecting coins cat is street smart - it quickly grabs the coin and throws it into a box and then happily meows and hides back to its box.
The cat money box has a covered plug hole which allows us to use the product multiple times (you dont need to destroy it as we used to do with our pig money boxes). After having collected some coins, you can take them out of the box, count them and spend on a toy that was a long time dream. The collecting coins cat will wait for another part of your child’s next pocket money. Who would, after all, resist the charm of this sweet meowing cat? Saving money with this cute creature is a pure pleasure! The cat money box will show the younger ones that saving money does not have to be unpleasant, quite opposite - it will pay off and bring many benefits.


SAVE THE SAVINGS - So the kids have a lot of fun to save on every opportunity you want to throw a few coins of the sweet cat.


TOLLER SOUND - When the cat takes the coins off the surface, it creates beautiful characteristic sounds.


EASY REMOVAL - On the bottom there is an opening through which you can remove the collected coins.


HAPPY MOVEMENT - When placing the coin on the special box, the cat comes out of its box and grabs the coin with her paw. The money takes them inside to store this safely.


SPECIFICATIONS - Color: Multi-colored Power supply: 2x AA batteries (Not included) Dimensions (width / length / height): 11.8 / 10/9 cm Weight: 315 g.



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