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Wooden basket with textile cover Wood stove Elegan





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Wooden basket with textile cover Wood stove Elegant Modern Practical Easy storage 4164

A quick and effective way to transport firewood influences the overall comfort of using a fireplace or a furnace. This firewood basket is a fireplace item which can not only improve transporting wood, but will also allow you to store it near its target destination. The metal construction means that the basket is stable and durable. The bottom part  is a single smooth piece. This allows you to keep the basket clean by preventing the splinters and pieces of bark or dirt which are found on firewood. Four stable legs with feet made of plastic keep the basket in the right position, even when the burden is uneven. They also protect the floor from scratches. The basket also features a special case made out of fabric, which protects its surface.  It also features handles which allow you to use it to transport the wood from where it has been stored to the basket next to the fireplace. The surface of the basket features a powder coating. The coating makes it more visually attractive and smooth. The varnished coating, with its powder technology, makes the basket resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperatures and mechanical damage. This makes the basket suitable for use outside, next to an outdoor fireplace or other type of bonfire. The wood won’t take any damage when its placed next to a fire source or when burning sparks reach it. 
The well-profiled handles on the sides of the basket allow it to be moved efficiently. Yu can also hang the case on them. The basket is easy to set up. The set includes all the elements needed for proper assembly

METAL CONSTRUCTION - the device has been made from materiał that is durable and resistant to damage, allowing it to be used without problems for a long time, the powder coated surface ensures an attractive look and additional protection. 

RESISTANT TO THE ELEMENTS - the entire item has been covered with a layer of paint which effectively protects it from the elements, meaning that the basket can be successfully used outside as well.

FABRIC CASE - the set features a special case which can be used separately to transport wood put directly on the basket it also protects it from dirt.


FEATURES - material steel with powder coating textile fabric color black dimensions (L/W/H): 50,5/37/50cm weight 4,85kg. 



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