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Educational wooden pusher – baby walker ride on toy #4624

The wooden educational baby walker is a safe toy for a child and one that will accompany them while taking their first steps. The educational wooden pusher makes it easier for the baby to take their first steps. The educational pusher supports the child and protects them from falling when they’re learning to walk. The wooden baby walker has been designed in such a way as to provide maximum safety for the child. It features rubber, anti-slip wheels  9cm in diamater and a convenient handle with which children can support themselves. The wooden pusher is heavy enough for the baby to lean on and, at the same time, light enough for the child to be able to push it by themselves while taking their first steps.
The wooden educational baby walker provides an entertaining learning experience.  The wooden pusher features a lot of interesting toys which will be a lot of fun for the child when they take a rest from learning to walk. The educational pusher features a little drum on which a child can beat a rhythm , a xylophone allowing them to play beautiful tunes, a colorful abacus on which the child can count their first steps together with a parent, a sorter with bricks for the child to learn about shapes, a teddy bear which can be moved on a band, and colorful numbers that will help to educate the child about counting. All of the attractions found on the wooden baby walker feature beautiful vivid colors to make the wonderful fun last for hours at a time.
The wooden baby walker featuring many toys fosters the proper development of the child. The educational pusher is a toy which not only helps the child to take their first steps but also stimulates their proper development. Thanks to the wide range of additional games featured in the baby walker, the child can not only develop their manual skills but also their hand-eye coordination and their logical thinking. The educational pusher stimulates imagination as it helps to develop sight and hearing as well.

HELPS A CHILD TAKE THEIR FIRST STEPS - the wooden pusher helps children to learn how to walk 


EDUCATES, ENTERTAINS AND STIMULATES DEVELOPMENT - a lot of interesting games and colorful accessories allow for the pusher to be used as an educational toy.


IT’S SAFE FOR THE CHILD - the pusher also features rubber anti-slip wheels, which ensures maximum safety for a child still learning to walk.


ENDLESS FUN - thanks to the many games available, the creative fun can last for hours - not a minute of boredom!


FEATURES - dimensions (L/W/H.) 31/36/45,5 cm. wheel diameter: 9 cm. material: wood.



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