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Dollhouse Folding 6 Room Furniture Figurines Famil





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Dollhouse Folding 6 Room Furniture Figurines Family with Dog Toy Portable 6079

This marvelous "sweet" doll house is a dream for every girl. It guarantees amazing, creative fun for many hours of play alone or with others. The doll house will quickly and easily transport your child into the Land of Imagination. It is a toy that will let your child spend hours playing pleasantly and will bring a lot of joy, especially on humdrum rainy days.
The house has two floors. There are 6 rooms downstairs: hall, kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, bathroom, bedroom and a childrens room. All the rooms are accessible after unfolding the wings of the house - its left and right side.
The set contains three additional “movable" (removable) figures of family members (mother, father and a child), a dog and also furniture items such as chairs, a table, beds and a sofa. The opening fridge and all the decorative elements deserve additional attention - the house has a mailbox, a little garden with a fence, and decorative shutters. All these things add aesthetic values and give more options for interesting play.
The product is definitely characterised by its attractive appearance and solid construction. The visuals aspects of the house are very beautiful. It is meticulously designed in pastel candy colours with attention to every detail. The house has smooth edges which guarantees safety for a child. The plastic used to make the house is very durable, so the toy will last your child for many years.
The doll house has optimal dimensions. Is is lightweight and has a special big handle which will allow you to easily change the placement of the house. The toy is foldable so you will be able to pack it in a small suitcase and take it with you without any problems when you drive a car or when you go on a trip. It will do the job in many different places too, for example in the garden, in a park, to a friends house or to kindergarten.
The product is perfect for play alone or in a group. It teaches a child to play different roles from the earliest stages of life. It boosts imagination and develops creativity. It has positive effect on the development of social skills and helps integration with others.
This amazing, colourful doll house is recommended for private use or as equipment in kindergartens, hospital paediatric wards, or different educational care centers.
It will also be a perfect gift for many different occasions!

6 ROOMS - the house has upper and lowers floors, a hall, a kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a bathroom, a bedroom and a children’s room.


ADDITIONAL PARTS - the set also contains "movable" (removable) figures of 3 family members (mother, father and child), dog and furniture like chairs, table and sofa.


SPECIFICATION - age: +3 years, certificates: CE, EN71,  dimensions (length/width/height): 16/18/28.5 cm, weight of set: 690 g.


PORTABLE - the optimal size of this doll house makes it lightweight and a special big handle allows you to easily change the placement, the house is foldable so you can pack it in a suitcase and take it with you when you travel by car or you go on a trip.


DEVELOPS IMAGINATION - helps children to play many different roles from the earliest stages of life. It develops creativity, boosts social skills and helps integration with others.



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