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Construction Wooden Truck Car Screwdriver Hammer B





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Construction Wooden Truck Car Screwdriver Hammer Balls for Children Child Educational Toy #6580

Children learn the best through playing. A wooden truck will undoubtedly put a smile on the childs face as well as help develop motor, visual and memory skills. The toy is a great way to stimulate the development of a child from an early age.
In the set, apart from the truck, there are four colourful, wooden balls, which the child can hammer into the truck through special holes marked with appropriate colours. The included wooden screwdriver allows to screw and unscrew the bolts. Diverse elements undoubtedly make the playing with the truck more attractive.

The set is visually attractive. Juicy, vivid colours and precise workmanship encourage children to play and create own imaginative compositions. The toy is nicely presented and it can become an interesting and nice room decoration when placed on the shelf.

Polished wood with smooth edges ensures safe play for the child. Importantly, wood is a natural material and it is, therefore, much more healthy and environmentally friendly compared to plastics.

The toy greatly develops creativity and stimulates the imagination of the child and improves manual skills. It is suitable for playing alone, with adults or with other children in a larger group, what affects the development of social and integration skills. In addition, it teaches recognition of shapes, logical thinking and strengthens patience.

The truck is light and small, thanks to that storing and transporting it does not cause any problems. You can pack a truck and take it with you on holiday, or just move the toy from your childs room to your friends house or nursery. Wooden elements of the set can be easily used in the sand or on the lawn. The educational vehicle is therefore suitable for playing in the garden, on the terrace, as well as on the beach or in the sandbox.

The truck is recommended for home use but it also is ideally suited as equipment for nurseries, childrens hospital wards, care and educational centers. A wooden truck will be perfect as a gift for various occasions, including birthday, childrens day or Christmas.

DIVERSE ELEMENTS - the set contains many elements for self-screwing and unscrewing in addition to the truck there are wooden balls, a screwdriver and a hammer that make playing with it more attractive.


ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE - the set looks nice and is visually interesting vivid, juicy colours and precise workmanship encourage the child to play the truck can also become a nice room decoration.


SAFE AND DURABLE - the toy is made of wood, making it safe for the childs health compared to toys made of plastic the type of material used affects the durability of the product, and thus the length of its use.


INFLUENCES THE CHILDS DEVELOPMENT - the educational truck develops creativity and stimulates the childs imagination and improves manual skills it is suitable for playing alone, with adults or with other children in a larger group, what affects the development of social and integration skills.

SPECIFICATION - material: wood + plastic screws, dimensions of the truck (lenght / width/height): 29 / 10.5 / 11cm, weight of the set: 587g, the set includes a truck with screws and blocks, 4 wooden balls, a hammer, a screwdriver.




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