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Digital Electronic Baby Monitor with Camera WiFi W





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Digital Electronic Baby Monitor with Camera WiFi Wireless #5747

Taking care of a small child requires almost a constant presence in its vicinity. However, the development of the latest technologies allows for constant monitoring of the situation in the place where the child is staying, without the need for physical presence. Electronic nanny is a device that transmits both the image from the childs room as well as sounds.

The set consists of a control unit with an LCD display and a recording unit with a camera. The device transmits signals in the 2.4GHz band, thanks to which it has a long range. In the free space it reaches 260m, and in the rooms depends on the number of obstacles through which the signal must be transmitted (about 50m). However, the control unit has an LED indicator that uniquely determines whether it is within the reach of the recording unit. This allows checking exactly where in the apartment or house you can use the device with confidence that the situation near the child is fully controlled.

The camera function enables constant viewing of the childs room, and the LEDs emitting infrared light also guarantee operation in the night mode without the need to activate intense lighting. The electronic baby monitor also has a sound transmission function. Thanks to this, you can listen to whats happening to your child or talk to her/him on your own using the device. The wireless baby monitor also has the function of playing a lullaby melody that can be started remotely. In addition, the electronic baby monitor is equipped with a temperature sensor that displays the reading on the main screen of the control unit.

The control unit is powered from the internal battery (charger included). The operation of the device is very simple - just connect the unit with the camera to the power supply, set the camera so e child can be seen, and then turn on the control unit with the screen (the device can work on the battery or after connecting to the power supply). The working time on the full battery capacity is up to 8h, and its exact length depends on the intensity and number of transmitted signals.

The unit with the camera has a stand on which the 360° rotating head is mounted (additionally there is a possibility of adjusting the inclination 180°). Thanks to this, you can set it anywhere and adjust it in a way that will ensure the most optimal targeting of the place where the child is.

NIGHT MODE - "infrared vision in the dark" - an immediate and full picture of the situation in the place where the child is located, without having to run intense lighting.


2-WAY COMMUNICATION - the device transmits sounds in both directions, which gives the possibility of a quick, immediate reaction before coming to the child.


SPECIFICATION - the weight of the set 290g the set consists of a station with a camera, a receiver with a 2" LCD screen, 2 power supplies 2.4GHz frequency.


TEMPERATURE MONITORING - the device has an ambient temperature sensor in which it is located.


WIDE RANGE - allows for stable signal reception in other rooms (up to ~ 50m) and in an open area (up to 260m), and being within the range is confirmed by a diode.



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