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Crazy Twister car Crazy Dancer acrobat stuntman Red Blue #4694

A wonderful toy which is going to be loved by both the kids and their parents. No more boredom thanks to the crazy twister car! You steer the car via remote control - it drives forwards, it drives backwards, it can turn and it perform many crazy stunts as well. The acrobat car for children can make a flip, it can switch its wheels around, it can make a 360° turn and many other outstanding tricks which are going to put the children and the adults on the edge of their seats. The crazy dancer car is very user friendly - the remote control is intuitive, even small children can handle it.
The case of the car for children is almost indestructible, this means that the car is going to survive even the most dangerous stunts. The front wheels of the crazy dancer car can turn around, the car also features an additional set of wheels found on the roof. Such a construction makes the car suitable for almost any environment. There is no obstacle too big for the crazy twister car to handle. The car can go down stair, it can hit walls without falling over  afterwards the ride continues. The joyful stunts made by the acrobat car are accompanied by fantastic light effects. The lights can be found on the car roof and on the transparent wheels. Obviously, every exciting ride requires a fitting soundtrack! The crazy twister car has pre recorded music which is going to fit the crazy acrobatics perfectly. The set features a charger as well - this means that the crazy dancer car can be recharged, once it “gets tired” with driving. The remote control is battery-powered (not included)

REMOTE CONTROL - the set includes a remote control, which allows us to easily steer the car. The remote control is very easy to use, this means that any child will be able to use it.


ASTONISHING STUNTS - the car can drive forwards, backwards  and it also turns. In addition, it can perform many fascinating stunts which everyone is going to like. The car makes flips, switches its wheels, makes a 360° turn and performs many other interesting stunts.


LIGHT EFFECTS - the amazing stunts are accompanied by fascinating light effects, making the fun even more gripping and attractive - especially with the lights are out. The lights can be found both on the top of the car and on its transparent wheels.


RECORDED MUSIC - the crazy sommeralts of the car would be nothing without a fitting soundtrack. The recorded music makes the playtime even more interesting, and the stunts will make even more people laugh for many hours. Playing with the acrobat music car is never going to get boring!


SPECIFICATIONS - colour: red, blue ages 3+, frequency: 40MHz, accumulator power supply: built in accumulator (3x AA), power supply: through a charger (included in the set), remote control power supply: 2x AA  battery (not included) max. range: 20 m, charging time: 4 h, driving time: 20 minutes, car dimensions (width/height/length): 13/15/13 cm,
remote control width: 10.5 cm, cable length: 70 cm, weight: 480 g, set includes: twister car, charger, remote control, car features: driving forward, backward, turning left or right, lights on the roof, lights on the transparent wheels, additional wheels on the roof.



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