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Clips for removing hybrid, gel, acrylic, toe nail





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Clips for removing hybrid, gel, acrylic, toe nail polish – 5 pcs. #7320

Beautiful and trimmed nails are what constitutes a real woman. As far as painting nails can be considered a pleasant activity, taking the gel/hybrid off, isn’t what you’d call your favorite part of the process, especially considering toe nails. Toe nail clips significantly increase the comfort of such an endeavour, making it quicker and more comfortable. The hybrid polish remover clips are very comfortable - they do not press on your toes too hard, and do not create discomfort. At the same time the gel remover clips do not slip or fall off. The set consists of 5 toenail clips, the perfect amount for quick nails polish removal one leg at a time. The clips can be used multiple times. They are resistant to acetone - after the job is finished you can clean them up and use them once again. The wide field of use and universality the nail polish remover clips allow the accessory to be used both in professional cosmetics salons as well as at home for efficient polish, hybrid, gel and acrylic removal. Gel remover clips are the perfect solution for quick and comfortable nail polish removal, after a while the polish stops to look good and needs to be removed. The toe clips are very easy to apply. all you have to do is dip a cotton pad with the right fluid (acetone, nail polish remover etc.) put the pad on the nail and then press it down using the hybrid remover clip and leave it like this for a while. After taking the clip off, you can easily get rid of leftover nail polish or more cumbersome - hybrid, gel, or acrylic polishes.

MULTIPLE USE - the clips are resistant to acetone, thanks to this after a finished job all you have to do is clean them and they will be ready to use again. They’re durable and don’t get used up after one time.


USER FRIENDLY - all you have to do is dip a cotton pad with the right fluid (e.g. acetone) and wrap your nail with it, afterwards attach the clip to your nail and leave it for a while. After taking the clip and the cotton pad off the hybrid/gel will be ready for safe removal.


CONVENIENT - the clips do not press your toes too much, at the same time they are very stable and do not slip or fall off, everyone is going to enjoy working with them.


UNIVERSAL - not only are they suitable for professional cosmetics salons, they’re also easily applied in home environment,  for unassisted hybrid, polish or gel removal.


SPECIFICATION - colour: pink bigger clip dimensions (width/length/height): larger clip dimensions (width/length/height): 2.9/5.2/1.5 cm smaller clip dimensions (width/length/height): 1.1/4.5/1.5 cm weight: 18g weight with packaging: 30g 



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