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Childrens Shopping Cart Trolley Mini Shopping Cart





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Childrens Shopping Cart Trolley Mini Shopping Cart For Kids Child Accessories Fruit Vegetables Set Complete Toy Gift 6107

This practical trolley with colorful food items is great fun for small chefs who love to play home, shop or cook. Children like to go shopping and observe adults. This kit allows them to play along without having to leave the house. It enables kids to play roles from an early age and fulfills an educational function. The product is a great idea for fun, especially during inclement weather.
Handy, mini basket on wheels with a handle to carry shopping and room inside for different objects, such as your favorite teddy bear. The toy guarantees creative and varied use.
Additional accessories in the form of a collection of imitation vegetables and fruits and a key for screws enable practical use of the set and increase the attractiveness of the product. 16 precisely mapped mini food items provide interesting and varied fun. Realistic miniatures with rich and vivid colors attract the childs attention and invite them to play. The elements are small in size and take up little space, so you can store them easily. The set is lightweight and handy, which makes it easy for a child to take to kindergarten, to a friends house, into the garden or with you when you travel.
The shopping basket and the rest of elements supplied allow for interesting and fun playtime, but also boost the childs intellectual development and increase motor skills. They develop imagination and stimulate creativity, as well as teaching children about teamwork and improving social skills. The set is perfect for children to play by themselves and with adults or other children in a larger groups. It is useful and it helps to teach the child to recognize names and shapes, as well as learn colours and counting. The product is recommended for home use as well as equipment for kindergartens and care and educational centers. The set is ideally suited as a gift for both girls and boys.


PRACTICAL TROLLEY - Handy mini basket on wheels with handle to carry shopping. Objects can also be kept inside, i.e. favorite teddy bear the trolley is supplied with a key to allow the child to  screw and unscrew parts on their own. The toy guarantees creative and varied use.

IMITATION VEGETABLES AND FRUITS - additional accessories allow practical use and increase attractiveness and usage options the set precisely replicates mini groceries to allow playing  shop, house or imitation cooking in the kitchen the vivid and rich colour of the miniatures will grab childrens’ attention and encourage them to play.


SPECIFICATION - dimensions (length/width/height) 30/16/31 cm certified CE, EN 71 minimum age: 3+, weight with packaging: 510 g.


BOOST CHILD DEVELOPMENT - the toy not only allows children to spend time in an interesting and fun way but it also boosts intellectual development and increases motor skills (physical movement) it develops imagination and stimulates creativity and, moreover, it teaches group cooperation and improves social skills it is useful not only as a toy to play with but also as a way of learning to count and to recognise names, shapes, and colours.


PORTABLE - the set is lightweight and handy, allowing the child to easily take it to kindergarten, to a friends home, into the garden, or travelling with them. Thanks to a compact design, it is very easy to store.



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