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Adjustable revolving television TV LCD LED Plasma





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Adjustable revolving television TV LCD LED Plasma mount 26 - 55 #7026

The high quality, adjustable TV mount will allow you to save up space in your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom. The solid revolving TV mount will allow you to easily attach the set to your wall and adjust the tilt angle according to your needs. The revolving LCD mount is suitable for 26 to 55” size TV sets. The durable bracket construction can easily carry the weight of those TV sets ensuring safety of use throughout many years.
The flat design of the adjustable TV mount makes the minimum gap between the TV screen and the wall almost unnoticeable. The distance between the wall and the screen can be adjustasted to your preferences thanks to the revolving LCD mount according  in the 75-400 mm range. The tilt angle is also adjustable, ranging between +8° and -5°. The screen will be perfectly visible both hung right under the ceiling and in front of the sofa.
The adjustable TV mount is compatible with Vesa standard reaching 400x400. It’s suitable for screens with mounting holes reaching 400 mm x 400 mm. Not only the tilt angle and the wall-screen distance can be adjusted. The  revolving LCD mount also features a special bracket allowing you to move the screen left and right in a 180° range.

SOLID CONSTRUCTION - the mount is durable and solid, it can carry the weight of a TV screen with  a size ranging from 26 up to 55”. The solid construction is the guarantee of safe wall attachment   further adjustments of the screen can also be done during use, without fear of damaging the TV set.


TILT ADJUSTMENT - with just one move you can adjust the tilt angle according to you your needs. The TV tilt angle ranges from +8° to -5°,  this makes it suitable for TV sets hung high up on the wall but also for those set up in a lower position.


FLAT CONSTRUCTION - the mounted tv set can be perfectly adjacent to the wall, after folding the mount completely the distance between the wall and the tv set is very small. It can be adjusted in the 75-400 mm range.


PAN ADJUSTMENT - the moving brackets of the mount will allow you to adjust the position of the set not only in order to  tilt the angle, you can also turn it  in a  180° range.


SPECIFICATIONS - colour: black turning adjustment (number of degrees): 18° tilt adjustment (number of degrees): +5° do -5° TV - wall distance (range): 75-400 mm
Suitable for (inches) L 26 to 55” Vesa: 100x100mm 200x100mm 300x300mm 400x400mm maximum load: 32 kg dimensions (length/width/height) : 50/~45/~45cm weight: 2.5 kg weight with packaging: 2.9 kg.




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