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Make-up mirror with LED light Make-up mirror Illum





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Make-up mirror with LED light Make-up mirror Illuminated 180 ° tilt Touch 4 batteries or USB 5886

If you dream of doing perfect make-up at home, you should definitely get an LED make-up mirror. You will fall in love with this accessory - it will be love at first use and you will not want to part from it. The LED lighted mirror will light your whole face perfectly - the mirror surface dimensions are 22.5 x 16.5 cm, so it is perfect if you want to apply your ideal make-up in front of it. The illuminated make-up mirror will also be useful for different beauty and care treatments - you can use it to put a facial mask on, adjust your eyebrows or remove contact lenses.
The LED mirror is battery-powered - you can place it wherever you want without worrying about power supply. The illuminated make-up mirror has 22 LED lights which will illuminate your face, neck and cleavage perfectly. The lights are placed on the sides of the mirror which guarantees even lighting from every direction. The swivel angle of the LED mirror can be adjusted within 180° - you can regulate the mirror to your own needs and preferences without any issues.
The LED make-up mirror has a wide and stable base which will pose no risk of falling even if you decide to put it at maximum swivel angle. The base also has a practical bend where you can store tiny items so they are always close to you. The illuminated make-up mirror has an ON / OFF switch, which is placed on the back of the housing. The LED light intensity can be regulated with the touch button which is placed on the lower part of the mirror - just push the button for a moment and the light intensity will smoothly change in intensity.


SWIVEL ADJUSTMENT - the option to adjust the mirror with 180° swivel rotation will easily allow you to pick the right angle suitable for your current needs and preferences. You dont have to put the mirror on a higher or lower shelf in order to apply perfect make-up - all you need to do is to regulate the swivel angle and the mirror will shine on every part of your face.


22 LED lights  – the mirror has as many as 22 LED lights which are placed on the sides. This light placement guarantees you full visibility of your face, cleavage and neck. The light intensity can be adjusted with the touch button placed on the lower part of the mirror.


WIDE BASE - the stable and wide base of the mirror guarantees you safe use. The mirror will not fall while you adjust it and it will sit perfectly on the surface even if its swiveled to its maximum. The base is equipped with a practical bend where you can place some useful items.


UNIVERSAL - the mirror will be perfect not only if you want to do your make-up, but also for different care and beauty treatments. You can use it to adjust your eyebrows, put on a facial mask or to remove your contact lenses.


SPECIFICATIONS – power supply: 4 x battery AA 1.5 (not included) or USB cable, dimensions (length/width/height): 12.5/16.5/26 cm, weight: 395 g, weight with packaging: 550 g.



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