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75cm Gymnastics Massage Rehabilitation Ball 5413





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75cm Gymnastics Massage Rehabilitation Ball 5413


  • PRACTICAL - a specially designed ball is ribbed on one side and has tabs on the other, so you can do a variety of exercises depending on your needs and preferences saving space and expenses ball type 2 in 1.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - the ball can be successfully used in fitness clubs, at home, in offices, in rehabilitation centers or in physiotherapy.
  • SPECIFICATION - dimensions before inflation (diameter): 75 cm, dimensions after inflation (diameter): max. 65-68cm, weight: 988g.
  • FOR PEOPLE OF EVERY AGE - the ball is perfect for everyone regardless of age and gender the only application criterion is height and individual possibilities for performing particular types of exercises. It is perfect for exercising during pregnancy.
  • EASY TO STORE AND TRANSPORT - the ball, when deflated, takes up very little space, which makes it convenient to store and transport you can easily take it with you on your trip.


  • color to choose: blue, green, red
  • material: PVC
  • maximum load: up to 200kg
  • dimensions before inflation (diameter): 55cm
  • dimensions after inflation (diameter): max. 45-48cm
  • weight: 988g

Color to choose:

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. red

Rubber gym ball is a product that undoubtedly has a number of advantages. Its use primarily affects our well-being and is beneficial to health. Exercises using the ball are widespread, among others in the area of sport and recreation. However, they also found effective application in other areas, such as rehabilitation or physiotherapy.

The exercise ball has been specially designed to be very practical. It combines the features of different types of balls. On the one hand, the profile is striped , on the other hand it has soft protrusions. Thanks to them, the ball additionally stimulates the parts of the body adhering to it during exercise and does not slide even on slippery surfaces, which happens with a smooth ball. It ensures comfort and safety. 2in1 ball not only saves space, but is also economically attractive. This solution allows various uses, adapting to individual needs and preferences.

The ball is widely used and can be successfully used to perform exercises in a fitness club, gym, at home or in the office (instead of an office chair or as equipment of so-called " chillout rooms" , popular in companies that care for the proper rest of their employees) . It is also helpful in rehabilitation centers and in physiotherapy. Greatly improves muscle strength and stability. It affects the correct posture and individual body segments. It is caused by adjustment processes, forced ground instability (rocking of the ball and deformation of the material) during exercises in many positions: sitting, standing, lying on the stomach and back, on all fours, in the slope, in lateral lying, etc. Thanks to this the possibility of developing various therapeutic programs tailored to the requirements of the student or patient.

The gym ball should be sized for your height. In addition, when we sit on it and put our feet flat on the ground, the angle between the torso and thighs and bent knees should be not less than 90 ° (it can be a little more, it is important not less).

The ball is designed for people of all ages, regardless of gender, and the criterion for its use is only height. The ball is easy to store and transport. After deflating it, it takes up very little space, which means that we can easily hide it or take it with us, e.g. on a trip. The ball is recommended to individuals suffering from diseases and pains, wanting to strengthen the body and improve fitness, and those who work for a long time at the computer or have a sedentary job. Also ideal for owners of fitness clubs and gyms, personal trainers as well as rehabilitation centers and people dealing with physiotherapy. It will allow you to introduce varied exercises, and thus improve the results and satisfaction of customers or patients. Perfect for teenagers, adults and seniors! It is also safe for independent use in the home or apartment.

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