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Acupressure Mat Relieve Back And Neck Pain, Relax





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Acupressure Mat Relieve Back And Neck Pain, Relax Muscles 5894

The well-being provided by intensive massage is invaluable for those who consciously take care of their health. The acupressure mat allows you to perform simple exercises on your own, which will guarantee improved circulation and can help relieve pain or other ailments. The apparatus consists of a flexible cushion on which 230 rosettes, each of which has 27 small pyramids, are permanently attached. In total, this gives more than 6 thousand points of pressure and allows you to massage not only the feet, but also the back, neck and limbs. Just walk on the mat with your bare feet to feel its health properties after a while. The mat can also be partially rolled up or folded to form a pillow on which you can place your neck or limbs. Fully developed on flat ground, it will become an active massage device for the back, abdomen or chest, if you lay down gently on it. Intensive pressure, although for beginners it may seem like a big challenge to accept, increases blood circulation in individual parts of our body. This has a positive effect on the functioning of the body and, while maintaining an appropriate lifestyle, nutrition and the daily dose of outdoor exercise needed, can actively contribute to the improvement of general well-being. The World Health Organization confirms that acupressure has a positive impact on reducing stress, tension and pain. 
You can take the mat with you anywhere you want. Whether it will be a place of work, where during a short break we will perform an intensive foot massage, or a training room, where, apart from other exercises, we will take advantage of acupuncture, or maybe a forest clearing or a meadow in the park, where we are looking for moments of desired relaxation. The mat can be unfolded in just a few seconds and immediately benefit from the benefits offered by the mat. However, when using the massage device, safety precautions must be observed. First of all, it is worth to consult a doctor if this type of activity is advisable for us. The mats should not be used by people with reduced blood clotting or using anticoagulants. Consultation with a doctor before possible use of the device is also recommended for those people who have extremely sensitive skin or suffer from various ailments reducing its strength. 

WIDE APPLICATION - dimensions allow you to massage feet as well as back and other parts of the body.
SAFETY - the small size of the spikes guarantees safe compression without the risk of irritation.
SPECIFICATION - dimensions (L/W) 65x41x2cm, weight 418g, number of rosettes 230.
Mobile - small sizes of rosettes allow you to easily roll up the mat and take it with you anywhere.
ELASTIC - the thickness of the mat makes it bend under weight and adjusts to the shape of individual parts of the body.




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