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Fast LED UV Nail Dryer lamp Gel Nail Polish Dryer





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Fast LED UV Nail Dryer lamp Gel Nail Polish Dryer Machine UV Light Curing Lamp Smart Auto-sensing 6468

UV lamp is a useful device for women who love beautiful and well-groomed nails.  With her help, manicure or pedicure treatments will become even simpler and more pleasant.  The lamp consists of two parts  : a dome and a mirror stand, which we combine by overlapping each other.  The upper part has  magnets thanks to which the assembly of the lamp is quick and extremely simple.
Attached bottom also allows you to maintain the necessary hygiene and cleanliness, because it is easy to get inside the device to remove any dirt.  Detachable cable  makes it easy to store and move the device.  The lamp is light,which also affects its comfortable transport.  The device has 24 powerful LED diodes with a total power of  48W  , which effectively  harden the applied gel or hybrid  .  By using the 1 button you can reduce the power by half  , ie up to 24W, which improves the comfort of use especially for people with thin and sensitive nail plate.  Changing the power soothes the feeling of discomfort and burning.  The diodes are evenly distributed over the entire upper part of the drying chamber and on its sides  , thanks to which they perfectly illuminate the whole hand, properly curing the gel on each nail.  The rays propagate in the same way and reach all parts of the applied layers.  At the top of the housing there are easily accessible and fluent buttons for switching the device on and off, changing the power and selecting the curing variant, ie  5s, 30s and 60s mode.  This gives the opportunity to adapt the device to individual needs and current requirements.  In addition to the manual switch, the lamp also has a motion sensor  .  The sensor causes the device to start automatically when the hand is inserted.  The automatic switch makes work easier and improves the comfort of using the UV lamp.


REGULATION OF TIME AND POWER -  48W lamp has 3 variants of gel curing time: 5s, 30s, 60s, so you can adjust the working mode to your own needs and requirements   an additional 1 button is a reduction in power by half, which eliminates the feeling of discomfort and burning in people with a sensitive nail plate.


MOTION SENSOR  - the lamp turns on automatically when you insert your hand, which improves the comfort of use and helps to save energy needed to operate the device.


SPECIFICATION  -  dimensions (length / width / height) 15/20 / 8cm the weight of the set: 493g.


SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION  - the combination of the upper and lower part of the lamp takes place by means of magnets, thanks to which the whole can be folded and unfolded easily with ease   It facilitates the performance of the pedicure and operation, regular cleaning and allows you to maintain the necessary hygiene.


LEAD-IN WIRE AND LOW WEIGHT -  thanks to the possibility of unplugging the power cord, storing and moving the lamp is easy   the lamp is light, which also affects comfortable transport.



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