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Colorful Wooden Geometric Figures Puzzle Building





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Colorful Wooden Geometric Figures Puzzle Building Blocks Puzzle For Children Baby Wood Educational Toy Set Set 6827

An educational puzzle  is a  great  form of learning and playing in one.  It will make it interesting to spend time at home and chase away boredom, especially when bad weather is not conducive to hardcore outside.  The set contains18 various coloured elements  and a  stand with holes.  The number of parts makes it  practical to use  and  diversify the fun.  Geometric blocks  will  certainly  arouse the  childs  interest.  Vivid, contrasting colours attract attention and encourage repeated play.  Each element has a second "companion" to pair.  Find the matching halves, then place the completed figure in the appropriate cutout of the stand.  To increase the level of difficulty, the corresponding fragments are not in the same shade.
The product is entirely made of wood, which affects durability and guarantees that it will serve for a long time.  Its a healthy and ecological solution compared to plastic equivalents.  Non-toxic material and gently finished edges ensure the safety of use.  A wooden toy, thanks to its small size and lightweight, we can easily store and transport.  The child will take the puzzle to kindergarten, friend, garden or travel without any problems.  The geometric puzzle offers not only attractive spending of time but also has an impact on the development of intellectual child and motor and visual coordination.  Blocks  develop creativity and stimulate spatial imagination.  Toddler practices  concentration, memory and manual efficiency of hands.  Playing with others, the child acquires communication skills in the group, and also increases its social and integration skills.
Educational puzzles are perfect for boys as well as for girls.  They are an interesting alternative to ordinary, flat puzzles.  Recommended both for private use at home, as well as equipment for kindergartens and care and educational centres.
The educational puzzle will undoubtedly be a great gift for many occasions!

MANY ELEMENTS -  puzzle contains 18 various coloured elements and a stand with holes   the number of parts makes it practical to use the set and diversifies the fun   geometric blocks will certainly arouse the childs interest.


COLOUR -  vivid, contrasting colours add aesthetic value and attract the childs attention, as well as encourage repeated play.


WOODEN - the  whole puzzle was made of wood   its a healthy and ecological solution compared to plastic equivalents   non-toxic material and gently finished edges ensure the safety of use.


DURABLE -  the material used affects the durability of the product and guarantees that the toy will last for a long time.


SPECIFICATION  -  colorful dimensions (length / width) 15 / 15cm   age 3+   CE certificates, EN 71 weight 85g.



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