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Ion Humidifier 3 LEDs Fog 25 Watt 3 Liter Tank Up





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Ion Humidifier 3 LEDs Fog 25 Watt 3 Liter Tank Up to 25 m2 300ml / h 35 dB 6898

Our compact design humidifier works in rooms with extremely dry air. Inadequate humidity in the surrounding environment can cause mucous membranes, skin and respiratory problems and make you sick in the long term. The small humidifier emits fine mist and keeps the humidity in rooms of up to 25 square meters at a comfortable level. The small size of the ionizing humidifier and the extremely interesting and aesthetic design allow unrestricted use in all rooms. In addition, you can also use this as an interesting decoration in many interiors.
Not only does the ion function increase the humidity in the room, it also effectively reduces the amount of harmful positive ions emitted by all electrical appliances. The small device can be used very well and effectively standing on the desk, thus preventing burning eyes and headaches by sitting too long in front of the computer. It positively removes positively charged ions and replaces them with negative ones.
The small humidifier is very easy to use, all settings can be made intuitively. In addition, the device has an LED signaling, a red diode informs you that the tank is empty. The process stops automatically and does not start again until the tank has been refilled, this is signaled by a green LED. Continuous operation can be set up to 7 hours, so the humidifier can also be used at night. So you have a quiet sleep and always a pleasant indoor climate, the maximum noise level of 35dB does not generate excessive noise.

TIMELESS DESIGN - Our humidifier is due to its modern appearance for many rooms, it can be used as a tasteful decoration. The 3 internal LEDs create a nice ambience and indicate the condition of the device.

VARIABLE REGULATION - The humidifier is incredibly easy and convenient to turn on and set with a button. You can adjust the operation to your personal preferences and control the fog as you like it and think it is right. Even an intense emission of fine mist can raise the humidity in rooms in just a few minutes.

LED STATUS DISPLAY - The displayed color of the LED indicates the status of the tank contents. When it is empty, the device stops and the red LED lights up permanently. After filling, the state changes to a green LED, after which the device works normally again and is fully functional.

LARGE AREA - Despite its small size, the humidifier is extremely efficient and provides moisture up to 25 m2. This allows the device to be used very well in small to medium-sized rooms or offices.

SPECIFICATIONS - Power: 25W Power supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz Tank capacity: 3l Humidification area: 25m2 Evaporation amount: 300 ml / h Noise level: 35dB Type of function: ionization Working time: 7h Dimensions (length / width / height): 22/22 / 21.5cm Weight: 1kg.



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