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Wooden Hammer Toy Wooden Pounding Bench Toy Childr





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Wooden Hammer Toy Wooden Pounding Bench Toy Childrens Educational Toys with Mallet for Toddler Early Learning Toys 7708

Wooden blocks with a hammer  should have every child, the toy will undoubtedly raise a smile on the childs face.  This is a fantastic way to  stimulate child development  from an early age.  Zbijak is a toy that  will allow your child to develop their manual skills, the  fun lies in hammering blocks to the other side.  Inside there is a rubber band that makes your childs play a bit difficult and requires more commitment.  The child will be playing blocks for a very long time.
Through play, your child  will develop the imagination  , but also improve  visual-motor coordination.  The toy will also be a great idea for the beginnings of learning shapes and colors.  Learning through play is the most effective form of memorizing information.
Grinded wood with smooth edges ensures safe play for the child  .  Importantly, wood is a natural material and for this reason it is much more health and environmental friendly compared to plastics.
The toy is light and small, thanks to which storing it and transporting it is not a problem.  You can pack a wrecker and take it with you on holiday, or simply move the game from your childs room to your friends house or kindergarten.  A wooden set can be easily used in sand or on the lawn.  The educational toy is therefore suitable for playing in the garden, on the terrace, as well as on the beach or in the sandbox.
The toy is recommended for home use, as well as ideally suited as equipment for kindergartens, childrens hospital wards and care and educational centers.  It works perfectly as a gift for various occasions, including  birthday, childrens day or holidays.

INFLUENCE THE CHILDS DEVELOPMENT- perfectly develops the ability of logical thinking, motor skills of hands, visual-motor coordination it is suitable for playing alone, with adults or with other children in a larger group, which affects the development of social and integration skills.The child can practice colors and even practice counting at a later time.


DURABLE- wooden toys are extremely durable and resistant to damage, thanks to which they will serve for years in an unchanged condition, in contrast to their numerous counterparts made of plastic.It is a toy that will serve not only one child, but also generations.


LOOK FOR IMAGINATION- colorful elements catch the childs eye and encourage him to have fun.


SAFE- the wood used for the production of toys and the soft edge finish makes the product safe for the health of the child.


SPECIFICATION- age: 0+ certificates: CE, EN 71 material: wood dimensions (length / width / height): 17.7 / 7 / 10cm weight of the set 300g.



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