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Wooden Cube Activity Centre Baby 8-in-1 Multifunct





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Wooden Cube Activity Centre Baby 8-in-1 Multifunction Bead Maze Cube Learning Toys For Kids Toddlers Gifts 7711

A developing toy that every child will love.  A wooden educational cube is not only  many hours of fun, but also learning, which will surely pay off in the future.  Interactive wooden cube is very colorful - vivid coloring  stimulates the imagination of the youngest and stimulates their creativity  .  Manipulations of moving elements help the youngest  to practice small fingers, manual skills and eye-hand coordination  .  The educational interactive cube will be perfect both for independent play and for playing with parents.  It will certainly fill the childs time and make boredom disappear.
In the set of wooden educational cubes there are  six interesting functional walls with various tasks to do  .  In the educational interactive cube you will find, among other things, revolving blocks with numbers and English names, after which you will find the equivalent of figures in pictorial form.  There is also a clock, a sorter with wooden blocks  , a labyrinth with animals, an abacus and rotating stars.  On the top of the interactive wooden cube there is also  a motor loop  , which you can download and play with it separately, and at the bottom of the  board to play in Chinese  (in the set there is a cube and pawns).
Wooden educational cube is  safe for children  .  It was made of high quality wood - all elements are perfectly polished and painted with environmentally safe paints.  The interactive wooden cube  does not contain any sharp elements and edges  , so there is no risk that the child will harm it during play.  An educational interactive cube will be a great gift for an interesting baby world.


FUN FOR A LONG HOUR  - in the cube there are six colorful functional walls with many interesting tasks for younger and older children.  In addition, at the top there is a cheerful, colorful interlaced, and at the bottom of the game board in Chinese.


GREAT SCIENCE - with an educational cube a child can learn numbers, learn to count, practice memory, the ability to think logically and simple math problems, learn colors, shapes, read hours on the clock, etc.


IMPROVES DEVELOPMENT  - the cube is above all a beautiful, vivid colors that stimulate the imagination of the youngest and stimulate their creativity.  Playing with the interactive cube is also an exercise of manual skills and eye-hand coordination.


SAFETY  - the toy is safe for the youngest.  All wooden elements are perfectly polished and painted with environmentally safe paints.  In addition, there are no protruding, sharp elements that could harm the child.  The cube has CE and EN 71 certificates.


SPECIFICATION  -  age: 0+, certificates: CE, EN 71, material: wood, dimensions (length / width / height): 24.5 / 24.5 / 36 cm, weight: 1.65 kg, weight with packaging: 2 , 07 kg, included: sorter, a set of game pieces + 2 cubes.



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