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Large Size Adjustable Height Portable Foldable Lap





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Large Size Adjustable Height Portable Foldable Laptop Notebook Desk Tray Table Bed Table with Drawer Size 62.5x34.5x26cm 7974

Comfortable and practical laptop table with ventilation is an accessory that will be appreciated by anyone who likes to work at a computer in a comfortable, relaxed position.Unfortunately, using a laptop in bed or on a sofa often involves holding it on your lap, which makes us not only uncomfortable, but also we can overheat the device.The wooden laptop table will pass the exam both in bed and on the couch, as well as on the plane, train and bus.Thanks to the holes in the counter, we can easily cover our favorite blanket and put a computer or tablet on a ventilated laptop table - it certainly will not overheat.Openings in the worktop drain heat, so that the computers battery will last longer and the device will not be destroyed. With a laptop table with ventilation, we can forget once and for all what discomfort is when using a computer.In the wooden laptop table, you can adjust the height of the feet and the angle of inclination of the tabletop.Thanks to this, we can easily adjust the ventilated laptop table to suit your needs and your current position.Comfortable working position means greater efficiency and less fatigue in the eyes and spine.Very useful is also a practical support for the ventilated laptop table - it protects the computer from sliding down, even if the top is set to a high incline.Table for a laptop with ventilation is not only an adjustable tabletop computer, but also an additional top, on which we can put a glass or notebook with notes.The wooden laptop table also has a very practical, small drawer, in which we can store small, handy accessories - eg notebook, pen, pen or headphones, etc.

VENTILATION - the over heated laptop works worse and consumes much faster.The table has special cutouts in the worktop, which allow for free heat dissipation.Correct ventilation in the table makes the battery last longer and you do not have to sit "attached" to the cable.


PRACTICAL FOUNDATION - on the counter there is a special slat that protects the laptop from sliding down - even at a large incline.So we can use the laptop even in semi-recumbent position, and he will stick to the table perfectly.


HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT AND TILING ANGLE - the height of the table legs, as well as the inclination angle of the tabletop under the laptop are adjustable (4 steps).This allows you to perfectly match the table to your needs and your current position.Thanks to a comfortable position, work will be more effective and more pleasant.


SMALL DRAWER - allows you to store small, most-needed accessories at your fingertips.You will never look for a pen, sticky notes, headphones or pendrives - now they will have their own safe place, and you will always have them at hand when you need them when working on a laptop.


SPECIFICATION - material: wood table dimensions (length / width / height): 62.5 / 34.5 / 26cm weight: 2.35kg tilt adjustment: I level: 19cm, II level: 16cm III level: 12.5 cm IV level: 5cm.




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