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Night Lights Baby LED Bedside Lamps Rabbit /Teddy





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Night Lights Baby LED Bedside Lamps Rabbit /Teddy Bear 7881

Childrens lamp is an extremely practical gadget and at the same time a great idea for a pleasant evening or a good nights sleep.Undoubtedly, it will be useful for all children who are afraid of the dark.It has been made of durable plastic, which affects durability and guarantees that the product will certainly serve for a long time, as well as will be a decorative feature and an interesting decoration of a room or bedroom, there is no risk that it will break and create a threat to the child.The product has 3 levels of brightness, the lightest allows reading bedtime stories, while the darkest will be an excellent night lamp that will not hurt the toddlers eyes and ensure a restful and comfortable sleep.The light comes on using the touch panel, it is the quietest way to turn the light on and off.If the child is still falling asleep, and we want to turn off the lamp, we can easily do it without waking it.The product has rounded shapes, smooth edges and is safe to use, as well as for the health of the child.The lamp is light and small, which makes it easy to store and easily transport. Moving her is quite easy.The unique lamp is a fantastic gift idea for many occasions. It will delight and make everyone smile. Recommended to the same extent for girls and boys. A charming product will ideally be perfect for private use at home, as well as equipment for kindergartens, childrens hospital wards and care and educational centers.

3 BRIGHTNESS MODES - the product allows you to adjust the lamp to your childs needs. It has up to three brightness modes the lightest allows you to read a fairy tale before bedtime, but the darkest can serve as a bedside lamp - it will not hurt the childs eyes, and will provide a quiet and safe sleep.


TOUCH PANEL – the lamp turns on and off using the touch panel.This is the quietest way, even when the child is still falling asleep, the parent can turn off the lamp without the risk that the baby will wake up.


SAFE -rounded shapes, smooth edges allow for safe setting of the lamp in the childs room, without the risk that the child eg cuts the finger. The whole is made of plastic, so it is durable and does not break - does not compromise safety.


GIFT IDEA - a bunny-shaped lamp ideally suited as a gift, it will surely bring a smile to the face of every child, both boy and girl.


SPECIFICATION - color: blue-brown / white bear power supply: USB cable voltage: 220-240V type of light: LED power: 1W switch mode: touch panel product protection degree: 40 ? number of work modes: 3 wire length: 100cm dimensions (length / width / height): 17.5 / 20 / 30.5cm /20 / 21.5 / 25cm package weight with packaging: 650g / 500g ..



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