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Play kitchen children' s kitchen accessories function faucet cold steam 43 elements 9567

By nature, children are curious about the world and like to imitate others. They learn by observing and playing. The multifunctional kitchen is a fantastic way to spend time for children. When preparing meals, they can feel like adults. The product has a pedagogical function and is a good idea to banish boredom, especially in bad weather.
A great kitchen with many features such as cold steam, tap water, light and noise will surely inspire your child and guarantee hours of fun. It has everything you need for a small kitchen or a small chef.

The kitchen is equipped with a tap with pump. Simply pour the water into the sink, press the pump and the water comes out of the tap! This is a closed circuit. Your child can rinse fruits and vegetables and wash dishes!
The kitchen has a built-in evaporator, which allows you to achieve the effect of cold steam. The left burner has a special opening in which you can fill about 50 ml of water.
EXTRACTOR HOOD- with music and noise
The product is made of durable plastic, which has a positive effect on the durability and service life.
A toy kitchen is a great gift idea!

IN SET: kitchen, board, 2 chalks, sponge, pot with lid, pan, bowl, dryer, slicer, 2 teaspoons, fork, knife, 3 tablespoons, 2 plates, spice rack, 2 biscuits, tomato, sausage x2 (combined), yellow pepper, banana, cucumber, lettuce leaf, shrimp, Chinese cabbage, pea, carrot slice, pepper slice, peppercorn, salt, ketchup, confectionery cap, mustard, milk, hanging basket (without cord), beaker

COLD STEAM AND NOISE - The kitchen makes realistic cooking sounds such as frying and bubbling. The left burner has a built-in evaporator, with which you can achieve the effect of cold steam. To obtain it, pour about 50 ml of water into the opening on the burner. After some time (after boiling the water), cold water vapor comes out of the pots.

43 ELEMENTS - The set contains 43 elements. All the necessary accessories that the little chef needs. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the set includes cutlery, plates, bowls, 2 boxes with biscuit imitation, drinks vending machine and much more. The kitchen has an opening transparent cabinet, an oven to open and a cupboard with sliding doors. Behind the sink is also a blackboard with 2 white chalks and a sponge. The whiteboard allows your child to plan a menu, shopping list, and if they can not write, they can use it.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: pink / yellow Age: 3+ Power adapter: 3x AA battery (not included) Hood power supply: 3x AA battery (not included) Number of articles: 43 Kitchen dimensions (L / W / H): 23/50 / 72cm Kitchen weight: 2.6 kg Weight with packaging: 3 kg,

MULTIFUNCTIONAL -The kitchen has a hood on which there are 4 different buttons. The first one switches all functions on and off, the second starts short melodies, the third starts the hood - after switching on a characteristic sound is generated. The fourth button allows you to adjust the volume - it allows you to change the volume in 3 steps, which is especially important for parents.

DEVELOPMENT - It develops imagination and creativity, and by being in a larger group, it teaches communication, working together in a group and improves social and integrative skills it enhances the crafting and acting skills, as well as it can become an inspiration and contribute to the success of a future cook.



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