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Hairdresser Vet Beauty Salon for a Dog Backpack 94





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Hairdresser Vet Beauty Salon for a Dog Backpack 9428


  • BEAUTY EXHIBITION FOR DOG - it consists of an opening, stiffened backpack with braces and thus a studio in which the child will take care of a small soft dog with a pink collar using care accessories such as: brush , dryer , dog treats , claw scissors and drugs in the form of tablets and syrup.
  • CLOSED IN A PRACTICAL BACKPACK - the dog care studio is located in   practical backpack with adjustable straps , making it ideal for older and younger dog enthusiasts. It also has a comfortable handle and clasp to prevent toys from spilling out . Under the panel on which the child takes care of the animal, there is a storage compartment in which, after playing, it can store all the accessories.
  • TEACHING RESPONSIBILITY - playing with a toy pet shows your child how great a responsibility to have a dog is. In addition, it introduces the basic procedure and which should be performed with it, e.g. combing, bathing, trimming claws. It is worth buying such a set if the child has been asking for a real puppy for a long time. We' ll find out if this is a momentary whim or a real need for comfort.
  • IDEAL ON THE JOURNEY - all parents / guardians know perfectly well the moment when the child before leaving cannot decide which toy to take with them. We end up with a plastic bag, and in the worst case with a few plastic bags that disturb dolls, mascots or blocks during the journey. Thanks to the fact that the toy fits in a small backpack, it is ideal for fun during trips. It takes up little space and is light , so the child can wear it alone.
  • SPECIFICATION: suitcase dimensions: 27x20x8cm , material: plastic certificates: CE, EN 71 age: 3+ weight: 0.39kg weight with packaging 0,5kg


  • case dimensions: 27/20 / 8cm
  • material: plastic
  • certificates: CE, EN 71
  • age: 3+
  • weight: 0.39kg
  • weight with packaging: 0.5kg


  • backpack
  • little dog
  • handshower
  • brush
  • dryer
  • food box
  • shampoo
  • medicines
  • secure scissors
  • hanger
  • shelf

Hairdressing doggy set in a suitcase is a great toy for every young dog enthusiast. He can safely take care of the soft, small puppy who is waiting for a guardian. The set includes accessories that allow you to cut your claws, comb, bathe, dry and feed the pet. The whole is closed in a small, practical backpack with storage, in which, after having finished playing, we can arrange the accessories. It has adjustable braces, a comfortable grip and a fastening so that the toys will not fall out of the suitcase.

This is a great alternative for parents whose child would like to have a real dog. The set will show a child the responsibility of having a pet and will also familiarize him with the basic procedure and which should be performed with him. Thanks to it, we can easily check if the baby is really ready to take on the challenge of a new furry family member.

The vet kit works great when traveling . It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Thanks to adjustable straps, it adapts to the silhouette of every child who will gladly take them on school trips, holidays and trips with the family. At any time, he can open the suitcase and start playing anywhere: in the car, in the park or on the playground.

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