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Electric cool box with cooling and warming functio





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Electric cool box with cooling and warming function 2 connections 26l 10204

The possibility of rapid cooling of drinks or food enables a longer storage period and the maintenance of the right taste and the right nutritional values. A portable, electrically operated cooler effectively lowers the temperature by 30 ° C compared to the ambient temperature. It can be used to store refreshing drinks, fruits and vegetables and other foods. The relatively quiet operation of the device makes it suitable for use in a car. Its functionality will be appreciated by frequent travelers as well as professional delivery truck drivers.

It fits cans or bottles up to 41 cm high. Inside there are 3 removable shelves and 2 pockets on the door. This enables storage of different types of products. The refrigerator can be powered via the cable or the cigarette lighter. Both electrical cables are included. Thanks to the traditional power supply, it can also be used in the office, in the garden or at any other place according to individual ideas. However, when using a refrigerator outside the building, it is very important not to leave the device outdoors and not to expose it to sunlight and moisture. A special, handy handle can be pulled out of the case to make it easier for you to move the refrigerator. The device can also serve as a heater. Switching between the functions takes place with the help of the touch panel, and the activation of a certain mode is indicated by a glowing diode.

COOLS AND HEATING - will be an ideal place in summer for storing cool drinks, ice cream, fruits, vegetables and other foods. It effectively lowers the temperature by 30 ° C compared to the ambient temperature - even down to -9 ° C. Beverage cans or bottles with a height of up to 41 cm fit into them. Thanks to the heating function, it will also be perfect in autumn and winter - a warm snack or a drink after a mushroom ride or a winter madness? No problem! The refrigerator reaches a temperature of up to 65 ° C.

2 CONNECTIONS - The refrigerator can be used both in the car (it has a standard socket with an entrance for the car lighter) and in rooms such as a caravan house or a house on a property (it has a second socket for connection to the network) . This offers comfort on vacation trips and long car routes.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: white Material: plastic, tempered glass Power supply: DC 12V, 2020 V AC Power consumption: 78 W ± 10% Motor: brushless Lifespan: 30,000 hours Cooling: down to -9 ° C Heating: up to 65 ° C Insulation: polyurethane foam (PU) External dimensions (L / W / H): 36/33/52 cm Internal dimensions (L / W / H): 19/26/42 cm Weight: 3.3 kg

LARGE - The refrigerator has a capacity of up to 26 liters, so it can hold a large amount of food and beverages. Inside there are 3 removable shelves and 2 pockets on the door. This enables the free storage of different types of products without problems in terms of their dimensions.

COMPACT - Small dimensions allow the device to be transported and stored freely. The low noise level does not cause any inconvenience during use. The refrigerator has a special, practical handle that makes it easy to carry.



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