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Dryer food dehydrator 400W 35-70 ° C 5 levels frui





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Dryer food dehydrator 400W 35-70 ° C 5 levels fruit / meat / fruit 10913

The dehydrator is an irreplaceable device for anyone who uses their own products in the kitchen and wants to save time through an improved drying process. The 400W product effectively speeds up the natural drying method and allows you to do it in a simple, effortless and no-obligation manner. Ideal for mushrooms in the autumn mushroom season as well as for vegetables, fruits, herbs or meat in other periods.

The dryer is visually appealing and has an aesthetic appearance. It has a gray case, a rectangular shape of the base and 5 floors that allow a large number of food slices to be evenly distributed.
The perforated surface of the shelves increases the efficiency of the drying process. The optimal size, the low weight and the removable trays make it easier to store, move or transport the dryer. The transparent chamber allows you to control the drying phase in real time.
The device works quietly, which undoubtedly affects the ease of use. The low noise level will be particularly appreciated by people with young children. The dryer is made of durable plastic, which ensures the durability and longevity of the product. A rugged dryer is guaranteed to be used repeatedly for different types of products and is sure to keep you happy with your purchase. It will be suitable for both home and commercial use.

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - The dryer has an output of up to 400W, which enables quick and effective drying of mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, herbs and even meat, while retaining up to 97% of the vitamins and minerals. The device is modern and has a unique, elegant look that works perfectly in an exclusive design.

5 LEVEL - The convenient number of shelves allows a large number of discs to be evenly distributed the perforated surface of the floors increases the efficiency of the drying process each tray can be removed separately, making it easier to fill, remove and clean.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: White Material: AS, ABS, PP Number of shells: 5 Temperature control: 35-70 ° C Dimensions (width / height): 29/29 cm Sieve diameter: 26 cm Weight: 2.05kg Package weight: 3.2 kg

TEMPERATURE CONTROL - On the front of the dryer there is a practical LED display with a round, smooth-running button for switching on the device and for self-control of the temperature, which ranges from 35 to 70 ° C.

MODERN APPEARANCE - The dryer is visually appealing and has a modern look it has an aesthetic rectangular shape, a gray housing, a transparent chamber and a lid with a practical handle for easy opening. In addition, the power cable can be hidden in a special place under the housing.



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