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Electric Ash Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Fireplace 10l 800W #6317

Keeping the fire place in order is a guarantee of the comfort of its continuous use and proper functioning but also it is a duty associated with the safety of use and efficiency of warming up the area around it. Taking out the ash is necessary not only to keep the fire place clean and for aesthetic reasons but also to provide a good air flow which is needed each time when the fire is initiated. Thanks to that the fire will start easier and the wood will burn better.

The use of a fireplace vacuum cleaner ensures proper cleaning of the entire combustion chamber not only from light ashes and dust, but also possible leftover residues of unburnt wood. The device has a high power of 800W, allowing efficient extraction of contaminants even from hard-to-reach gaps. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a double filtration system (HEPA filter and material filter), which prevents the smallest dust from blowing out, disinfects the air passing through it, and additionally protects the device engine from damage. The filters included in the set can be easily removed and washed under running water, what enables their repeated use.
The ash container is made of stainless steel, that ensures its durability and resistance to dust generated in the combustion process. Convenient, metal safety clamps make the container easy to dismantle and thus quick and easy emptying.

An optimal length of the power cord enables efficient cleaning operations, and a wide diameter of the aluminium suction pipe allows to clean even larger butts. The hose is flexible and solid, and from the inside it has been additionally strengthened by galvanizing, which makes it robust and affects the length of use. A hole on the engine cover allows inserting the pipe, so that the hose does not lie on the ground, what protects it from accidental stepping on it and damage, as well as it saves space and makes it easier to store the device.

The industrial vacuum cleaner can be used not only for cleaning fireplaces. It is perfect also for removing ash from grills, cleaning metal filings in a workshop, or removing small debris during renovation and construction works.
In addition to the upper hole, you can connect the pipe and use the device for blowing larger dirt to a place from which it is easier to collect them with the suction function, and also, for example, to sweep fallen leaves from the yard, lawn, garden in the autumn.

Efficiency, durability and wide application of the device guarantee satisfaction with the use and make it suitable also for an office, restaurant and hotel. 

When using the vacuum cleaner to clean fireplaces, grills and other types of furnaces it needs to be remembered that ashes and any cigarette butts must be completely cold.

HIGH POWER - 800 Watt motor guarantees efficient and quick cleaning even of hard to reach places.


DOUBLE FILTRATION SYSTEM - HEPA filter and fabric filter prevent dust from escaping outside and additionally protect the motor.


SPECIFICATION - external dimensions (height / width) 19 / 26cm chamber capacity 10l 800W power vacuum cleaner weight 2.7 kg, the set contains a vacuum cleaner,


HEPA filter, fabric filter, hose with aluminium pipe.


BLOWER FUNCTION - you can connect the hose to the upper hole and use the device to blow out larger dirt to the place from which it is easier to collect them with the suction function, and also, for example, to sweep fallen leaves from the yard, lawn, garden in autumn.


SIMPLE INSTALLATION - a compact, uncomplicated and light design allows to quickly assemble all elements and start working.




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