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Costume Set Angel Kids White Outfit Skirt Halo Wan





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Costume Set Angel Kids White Outfit Skirt Halo Wand Wand 3069

Are you looking for a perfect costume for your daughter? Are you having the Nativity Party, carnival, costume ball or some Christmas-themed play in kindergarten or school? Or maybe you want to have some unique and original photo session? Angel costume will be an ideal pick. The universal size of this costume will guarantee comfort and ideal fit for girls in kindergarten and early school age (3-10 years old). This costume for the Nativity Play will bring delight and envy of all female colleagues of your daughter.
The set of this angel costume includes everything what is needed to create a genuine angelic impression. Every element is well-thought and created with precision. Every girl wearing this angel costume will look light and floaty. The Nativity Play dress set includes tulle skirt looking like genuine mist which fits your daughter nicely. There are also pretty white wings made from real feathers which therefore look light and delicate. You cant have a full angel costume without a halo. This model also has feathers which gives it a delicate and airy feel. The set has a beautiful magic wand with star on the top and silver tinsel decoration.
The angel costume will surely bring smile on your daughters face - no matter if in regular daily life she misbehaves or indeed behaves like an angel. Who does not adore wearing costumes? Every tiny damsel no matter what kind of personality she has, will fall in love in this tulle skirt and delicate feathers. The angel costume for the Nativity Play will be ideal for school/kindergarten costume parties, plays etc. It will also be a great costume for a photo session.

FULL SET - this set contains all elements which allow every child to turn into real angel. There is a tulle skirt, beautiful wings, lightweight halo and magic wand.

UNIVERSAL SIZE - angel costume will fit all kids in kindergarten and early school age. The costume will suit a girl of 3-10 years old.

MANY OCCASIONS TO WEAR IT - angel costume is ideal for Nativity Play, childrens carnival in kindergarten or school, interesting and unique photo session, New Years Eve party for the younger, costume party and Christmas-themed plays..


LIGHTWEIGHT FEATHERS AND TULLE - angel wings and halo are covered with real feathers which gives it lightness and natural look tulle skirt is delicate and floaty which underlines delicacy of the whole costume.


SPECIFICATION - colour: white, age: 3+, skirt dimensions (length/waist width): 26/22-40 cm, wings dimensions (width/height): 43/35 cm, length of wand: 35 cm, halo dimensions (diameter): 17 cm, weight set: ~100 g set includes: halo, wings, skirt, magic wand.



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