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Umbrella Transparent Lightweight 220g Car-Unfoldin





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Umbrella Transparent Lightweight 220g Car-Unfolding 8 Aspire Modern # 6600

An umbrella is in many cases a useful accessory which additionally protects us against rain, wind or sun. In addition, a particular design or style of execution can enhance its appearance. Such a screen is also very suitable for the wedding, baptism or communion.
Our umbrella is such a universal talent, it can very easily be opened with just one hand. Only the frame is black, the handle and all other parts are white. So it fits perfectly with a sophisticated ambience as it is desired for weddings. The shade is light, so you can easily take it anywhere. An additional highlight is the transparent coating of the surface. People who are under the umbrella are visible at any time, so they can take beautiful photo shoots for shootings or simple selfies. But also as a decoration in portrait photos, or possibly to reduce excessive sunlight, our umbrella can be used. When it rains you can watch the individual drops bounce off the surface, which is soothing and beautiful. Furthermore, the transparent surface increases the safety on the road, hidden by a screen street signs or other fixed objects are a thing of the past. The shapely round handle guarantees a secure fit and increases the wearing comfort in the closed and opened state. Even hanging or even hanging is a breeze, no tipping or falling over of the umbrella more in restaurants or shops.

The umbrella has a handy push button, which makes the umbrella unfold automatically with its 8 stable struts. This creates a high and sufficient tension and prevents a change in the structure in heavy rain or wind. The durability is also positively influenced, our solid screen is suitable for both private use and for professional use by photographers or artists.

FAST FOLDING - Automatic unfolding, operated at the push of a button, allows for quick use in rain or snow. The lightweight and practical umbrella can be easily transported and is everywhere with it.

TRANSPARENT- The transparent coating of our umbrella makes the people appear underneath visible to the outside, this is also suitable for great photo shoots or original selfies. An additional decoration is the raindrop visible from below as they hit the surface. Furthermore, in heavy rain and also darkness you have a complete view to the front and above, this prevents accidents and increases safety on the road.

ROTATING GRIP - The shapely round handle guarantees a secure hold and increases wearing comfort in the closed and opened state. Even hanging or even hanging is a breeze, no tipping or falling over of the umbrella more in restaurants or shops.

UNIVERSAL - Our umbrella in transparent design is suitable for any occasion. Whether casually dressed or as an accessory for a wedding dress or to protect the black suit.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: Transparent - White Number of struts: 8 System: Automatic unfolding Pattern: Black frame, white trim Dimensions unfold (diameter / height): 93 / 71,5cm Weight: 220g.



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