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Leather Bed Set Accessories Set Couple Adult Toy





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Leather Bed Set Accessories Set Couple Adult Toys Adjustable Initial Grade Suitable for Any Size of Mattress BDSM 7477

Do you dream about a little bondage while sleeping in bed? A set of handcuffs for the bed is an irreplaceable gadget that will stimulate your fantasies and transfer sex to completely new tracks. The safety set will be ideal for both beginners in BDSM and more advanced. It will satisfy your innermost desires, stimulate the imagination and make you both light up with lust. A set of BDSM handcuffs is mounted under the mattress. Thanks to the adjustable length, the straps will adapt to any size of the mattress and adapt quickly to each position.
The restraint kit includes one long bed under the bed and four shorter cuff straps. Handcuffs can be adjusted so that they are comfortable if necessary and tightened when you both want it. Thanks to the BDSM handcuffs set you do not have to worry about losing the key and you can focus only on satisfying your own fantasies and desires. Handling the whole set of handcuffs on the bed is very simple, and manipulating the straps is very natural - you can focus on your partner - not on the fight with tapes.
A set of handcuffs for the bed will make your erotic experiences move to a whole new level. Domination or submissiveness. Embarrassment or full control over the partner and his movements. The security kit stimulates the senses and ensures that you will not get bored. These are endless possibilities of fun that you both will love. A set of BDSM handcuffs are amazing emotions that will make each love game more attractive and bring you pleasure that you did not do.

LOOK FOR IMAGINATION- the restraint kit is a completely new experience and desire you have never known before.It moves the bed game to a completely different level - satisfies the deepest desires and gives almost unlimited possibilities of playing together.


ADJUSTABLE LENGTH- the straps will easily fit any size of the mattress and the selected position.The adjustable length allows you to quickly adjust them to current needs.If unused, it can be easily hidden under the mattress and quickly removed again if you want to continue to play.


REGULATION OF CONSTANTS- handcuffs and ankles are fastened with strong and durable Velcro.They can be easily adjusted to the width of the wrist/foot, so they will not be uncomfortable.Handcuffs connect with belts using karabiners.You can quickly detach them and attach them again.


SAFETY- handcuffs are fastened with velcro, so you do not have to worry about losing the key and you can focus on shared sensations.The feeling of safety will be appreciated especially by beginners in BDSM.



SPECIFICATION- colour: black length of the bed under the bed: max.155cm length of the cuff strap: max.140cmcircumference of handcuffs: 14-30cm Weight: 146g





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