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Sliding Door Locks for Baby Proofing Keyless Child





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Sliding Door Locks for Baby Proofing Keyless Child Safety Locks For Patio Closet Shower Sliding Door 2 Pcs 7474

Do you have a small child at home who loves to discover unknown areas of your wardrobes?Are you afraid of sliding your fingers with sliding doors or getting into things that you should not have access to?Child protection for sliding doors is the perfect solution for you and your home.Locking sliding doors prevents children from accessing the contents of the cabinet- you can safely store cleaning agents or tools there.You will also be sure that your toddler will not "clean up" your wardrobe and, most importantly, do not accidentally pinch your fingers.Securing sliding doors will work well not only in wardrobes, wardrobes and cabinets, but also in the case of windows and sites nequipped with a sliding system. The installation of the child safety lock for sliding doors is very simple. In the first step, we degrease the surface to which we plan to stick the block.The place should be chosen so that the child does not have access to it (eg in the upper part of the door).Then remove the adhesive tape and stick the sliding door lock in the degreased area.All you have to do now is to open the wings of the sliding door security and the child will not be able to open the wardrobe or closet.To "unlock" the cabinet, fold the locking flap flat and move the plastic element in the middle of the lock (arrow). The child lock for sliding doors is made of durable plastic.The wings will withstand the unsuccessful attempt to open the cabinet by the child (they will not break).The sliding door lockalso has a very strong adhesive- properly glued to the degreased surface, it will perfectly stick to it. Once glued on the sliding door protector, it will be easy to use for years.

PROTECTS CHILDREN - the blockade prevents children from opening sliding doors (eg in wardrobes, wardrobes and cabinets).Protection not only protects against pinching small fingers, but also prevents children from accessing the contents of the cabinet (eg for chemicals, tools, etc.)


EASY ASSEMBLY - the door lock is mounted using a strong double-sided self-adhesive tape. The assembly consists of degreasing the surface of the cabinet, tearing off the security tape from the lock and sticking the protection in a place in a childs reach that is inaccessible to the child on the sliding door.


STRONG TAPE AND DURABLE PLASTIC - the blockade perfectly adheres to the surface to which it will stick and does not fall off even after prolonged use. The lock wings are solidly made and they do not break out due to the unsuccessful attempt to open the door by the child.


UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - the protection will work wherever there is a sliding door system. The lock can be used in wardrobes, as well as in wardrobes in the hall, garage and cabinets in the rooms / kitchen.Security also works for sliding sites and windows.


SPECIFICATION - color: beige dimensions (length / width): 14.5 / 5 cm the weight of the set: 41g.



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