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Cupping Therapy Chinese Cupping Set for Facial/Bod





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Cupping Therapy Chinese Cupping Set for Facial/Body Massage, Muscle Relaxation, Pain Relief 277

Cups are a known and appreciated method for centuries, used, inter alia, to fight inflammation of the airways.  Chinese vacuum bubbles can be used, inter alia, to  stimulate blood circulation, relieve inflammation, swelling and pain of various origins.  They effectively  stimulate the immune system, reduce the dysfunction of internal organs and even help fight cellulite.  The magnetic bubbles are  fireless.  Like their fire counterparts, they use the vacuum phenomenon, but here the vacuum inside the bulb is produced by using a special pump.  Chinese  fireplaces have also  magnetic tips, which additionally oppress and stimulate acupuncture points. The  principle of Chinese vacuum bubbles is related to the effect of skin suction, due to the vacuum created by the bubble.  When the skin is drawn into the magnetic bulb, blood and body fluids begin to flow more strongly.  Accelerated circulation with  Chinese inflamed cups means that the  body cleans itself more quickly from toxins.
Chinese vacuum bubbles are a great way to  relax a massage, helping not only to loosen muscles but also to overcome stress.  The effectiveness of  anti-cellulite massage will be  appreciated by every woman.  Chinese cupping is also an  effective first aid in the bite of insects  and snakes (when removing residual venom), as well as for the disposal of foreign bodies or ticks.  Magnetic bubbles  work not only locally, but also generally.  Their effectiveness has been confirmed in the treatment of influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and strep throat.

WITHOUT FIRE- using  fireplaces  is not only safer but also much easier than using traditional bubbles.  The vacuum is created thanks to a special pump, which is included in the set.


MAGNETIC TIP  -  the bubbles have magnetic tips that compress and stimulate the acupuncture points during the treatment.  They can therefore also be used to stimulate important acupuncture points.  It is well known that acupuncture helps in the treatment of many diseases.


MANY APPLICATIONS  - the treatment is completely painless.  It can be used not only for colds, flu, angina, pneumonia and other problems with the respiratory system but also in the case of the pain of various origins, motor disorders, dysfunctions of internal organs. The bubbles also reduce inflammation and oedema and stimulate the immune system.


IDEAL FOR MASSAGE  - its not only a great medical gadget but also a great tool for relaxing massage in order to get rid of stress. Chinese cups are also good for anti-cellulite massage, which every woman will appreciate.


SPECIFICATION  - set weight: 350 g, included: 12 plastic bubbles of various sizes, pump, magnetic tips, hose, dimensions (height / width): 7.5 / 6.5 cm, 7 / 5.6 cm, 6, 5/5 cm, 6/4 cm, 6/3 cm.



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