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Playmat Isolated Kids Mat Portable Colorful Animal





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Playmat Isolated Kids Mat Portable Colorful Animals Fish 180x150x1cm 7872

Play carpet isolated

An insulating mat is a very practical thing and undoubtedly makes everyday life easier with a baby for the parents. The mat is large in size, which has a significant impact on functionality.
It can accommodate several children at the same time or many different toys. The product ensures comfortable sitting and lying on the ground or grass, without having to worry about cold soil or hygiene. It is suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor use.
The mat is double-sided and very colorful. Vibrant colors and patterns attract attention and encourage repeated use. On the one hand there are printed fairy tale pictures of various figures, animals, etc., on the other hand there are numbers and letters that allow you to learn numbers and words and to know colors In addition, the mat has inscriptions in English that allow you to learn a child from an early age. This solution also makes the mat educational and has an impact on the child' s development.

The mat material is moisture-resistant and does not absorb water, which affects the comfort of use of the little ones. We do not have to worry about your baby dropping porridge or juice and giving it away because the mat is easy to clean. It has beautifully processed edges and is also durable.
The mat takes up little space after folding and is therefore easy to stow. Packed in the enclosed protective cover, it can be quickly and easily transported to another location, eg. B. in a garden, park, beach or traveling. The bag has a handle. The product is ideal for both private use and for use in kindergartens, pediatric wards, infirmaries and nursing homes.

Does not absorb water, which affects the convenience of using the product by the youngest. You do not have to worry about your baby dropping porridge or juice and giving it away as the mat is easy to clean.

BIG - Our large play mat offers plenty of room to play and romp around, with several children simultaneously fitting onto the printed mat.

BOTH SIDED - Our play mat is printed on both sides with vibrant colors and motifs, which attracts the attention of children. On one side you can see fairy-tale characters from different topics, on the other you can read numbers and letters. Thus, the mat also creates a small learning effect, because the smallest of course want to know what is there or is also pictured.

WATER RESISTANT - The material used is water repellent and does not absorb moisture. So even the smallest can be carefree, spilled liquids can be removed very easily.

MOBIL - foldable mat after folding takes up little space, so storage is easy after packing in the attached protective cover, you can quickly and easily transport or take it to another location such as the garden, park, beach.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: multicolored Material: pearl cotton + PVC Certificates: CE, EN71 Dimensions (length / width / thickness): 180/150 / 1cm Weight with packaging: 850g.



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