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Gym Ball Fit Ball Fitness 45cm 3 Colors Home Offic





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Gym Ball Fit Ball Fitness 45cm 3 Colors Home Office Rehab Physiotherapy 5467

exercise ball


  • Color choice: blue, green, red ( unfortunately not freely selectable )
  • Material: PVC
  • Maximum load: 200kg
  • Dimensions before inflation (length / diameter): ~ 80 / 45-48cm
  • Dimensions after inflation (length / diameter): ~ 90 / 45cm
  • Weight: ~ 1kg

Training with an exercise ball has a positive effect on our posture, which increases our mood and generally the positive attitude to life. The successes can be seen for many years in the sports and fitness area, but also in many other institutions, the exercise balls are used.

Exercises developed especially for the ball can be carried out and implemented very easily.
Our gymnastic ball is specially designed for training and has a double design, meaning that two 45cm diameter balls are tied together to give a total length of 90cm. The surface is smoothly provided with longitudinal grooves, minimizing the risk of slipping. The two connected balls allow you to perform many exercises that would not be possible with a simple ball. Furthermore, our gymnastic ball is ideal as a seat ball, the extended shape can be easily supported with the legs and thighs. Thus, our seat ball can also serve as a permanent replacement for the uncomfortable office chair. A possible place of employment would also be a so-called " chillout zone" for relaxation, especially of the back.

Our training ball is also great for home use, but it can also be used in fitness clubs or rehabilitation centers. The seat ball is an ideal gift for relatives, friends or employees and colleagues. It significantly strengthens the muscles and positively promotes stability, which affects the correct posture of the spine. You can perform individual training in many positions, whether sitting, standing, lying or rolling on all fours or lying on the side. The ball is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of gender or fitness level. Its small dimensions when not inflated make it easy to store and transport. He can be easily taken on vacation or on business trips, he prevents pain when sitting too long. An ideal accessory for fitness clubs, rehabilitation centers or for physiotherapy. It promotes patient satisfaction and improves posture in people of all ages. A perfect training device for teens, adults and seniors.

PRACTICAL - Our gymnastic ball, designed specifically for training, is doubled, meaning that two 45cm diameter balls are tied together to give a total length of 90cm. The surface is smoothly provided with longitudinal grooves, minimizing the risk of slipping

AREAS OF APPLICATION - Our exercise ball can be successfully used at home, in fitness clubs, offices, rehabilitation centers or in physiotherapy.

SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions inflated (length / diameter): 90 / 45cm Weight: ~ 1kg.

FOR PEOPLE IN EVERY AGE - Our fitness ball is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Training during pregnancy is possible without any problems.

EASY STORAGE & TRANSPORTATION - The ball does not take up much space when not pumped up, allowing for easy storage. The transport is also easy and possible without great effort, they can take our gymnastic ball on vacation.



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