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Disposable Eyelash Brushes 50 Pieces Spiral Brush





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Disposable Eyelash Brushes 50 Pieces Spiral Brush 2.5cm Head Small Sizes 7476

A proper eyelash care is essential, especially if a beautiful and well-groomed look is desired. Our disposable eyelash brushes are a basic tool that can not only be used to apply mascara. Other remedies, such as eyelash serum, can be applied efficiently. But even without additives or cosmetics, the fine spiral brushes have a nourishing effect. By simply combing the eyelashes and the eyebrows, you can make your entire eye area appear in a new light. The accessory is suitable for thickening, combing and stretching of eyelashes, furthermore it makes the eyebrows appear fuller. Even old mascara remnants, in the form of clumps, can be eliminated easily and extremely efficiently.
The specially developed head of the disposable brush is perfect for natural eyelashes, they are neither damaged nor torn out. The head and the entire unit are extremely flexible, so a daily styling can be done in just a few minutes. The brush separates perfectly, both thin and thick eyelashes of different lengths.
Due to the high efficiency of our eyelash brushes are suitable for use at home, but also in professional beauty salons or beauty salons can be used very well. The spiral brushes intensify your look and ensure that your entire eye area appears in a new light.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - Our eyelash brushes are the basic accessory for applying mascara or other cosmetics. These are also suitable for combing the eyelashes, this gives them a natural shine. The 2.5cm long brush heads can be used to apply an eyelash lengthening serum, but it is also very easy to comb and thicken the eyebrows. The cosmetic accessory is suitable for all types of eyelashes, whether long or short.

DAILY CARE - It does not always have to be make-up, even the daily eyelash grooming can be done easily. The fine spiral brushes perfectly separate the individual eyelashes and thus ensure radiant eyes. Each eyelash is perfectly smoothed and all together they have a perfect distance from each other, this makes the entire eye area appear exceptionally attractive.

NO EXCELLENT BLEACH - The specially developed brush head does not destroy any natural eyelashes. Regardless of whether they are thick or thin. The use of brushes does not cause thin eyelashes to break or even fall out. The flexible head adapts perfectly to the individual circumstances.

SMALL AND UNMISSABLE - The eyelash brushes fit into virtually any toiletry bag and cosmetic bag. These can be used at home but also on the way, the used disposable brush can be disposed of directly after use.

SPECIFICATIONS - Overall length: ~ 10cm Head length: 2.5cm Weight set: 51g.



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