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Spacerail Perpetual Rollercoaster Level 3 Roller C





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Spacerail Perpetual Rollercoaster Level 3 Roller Coaster Run DIY Track Build Kit Space Rail Track Run Construction Gadget 17

Do you think you are too old for all the flat puzzles, standard 3D puzzles and blocks? Are you bored with predictable patterns and the challenges that are too simple? Ball Roller Coaster is a perfect idea for having creative fun that you will never get bored of. It is a toy design for teenages and adults too. The track for the balls will be an ideal gadget for anybody who likes intellectual challenges. Spacerail Level 3 has a medium difficulty level - if you manage to built it - there are more waiting for you!
The track construction is made of plastic, metal and line. It has up to 128 pieces that you need to assemble in order to create three-dimensional Ball Roller Coaster. At first, you can use the included manual and step by step connect the pieces following the rules. For more the enthusiasts of more advanced engineering challenges, there is an option to put the manual aside and create your own tracks, following your own vision. The toy guarantees great fun while assembling and designing for many long hours. When the assembling is done, the fun is definitely not done yet! That is the moment to test your construction! Observe with bated breath how 3 balls slide the track, turn on the loops, hit each other, overcome the barriers, enter the elevators that take them up to the top - everything depends on your design and the way you assemble the track!
Spacerail Level 3 develops spatial imagination, stimulates creativity and manual skills. You can observe in real time how the basic rules of physics work - and present it to your friends and family - in a particularly striking and spectacular way. The assembled track will be an amazing and very original room decoration that will allow you to have some creative fun in the same time. The assembly of your own, advanced Balls Roller Coaster and then testing and enhancing it is a great fun for every fan of intellectual challenges.

NO BOREDOM - these are not yet another boring puzzle set nor blocks. It is a challange that requires creativy and imagination. Are you ready for it?


DIY ASEMBLY - the whole fun is based on the fact tha the track of for the rolling balls is depending on the way your construct it. It is already fun to assemble it and while testing.


PLENTY OF CREATIVE FUN - you dont have to follow the manual. You can trust your imagination and assemble and create your own balls rail.


SOLID CONSTRUCTION - mountings parts are made of the high quality metal, plastic and lines so the construction built is strong and solid.


SPECIFICATION - dimensions (length/height/width): 71/36/20 cm, estimated build time 2-3 hours, level: 3, difficulty level to assemble: medium, made of metal, plastic and lines, battery-powered elevators, battery: 1.5V DC (not included), age: 15+, weight: 1.44 kg, set contains: 128 elements (up to 16 m of length) + 3 metal balls.



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