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Star projector – star master bedside lamp #827





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Star projector – star master bedside lamp #827

Are you dreaming about a beautiful starry sky? The star projector will be an indispensable part of your bedroom! The star master bedside lamp combines wonderful, one of a kind light patterns, which patterns imitate a real, clear and starry sky. It can serve as a wonderful decoration, stimulating the child’s imagination, and calming them down while creating a blissful mood. When placed on a windowsill the dynamic bedside lamp creates a real shining star effect on the the sky outside the window pane. When casting a light on the wall and the ceiling it can create a starry night effect inside the room.
The star light star master lamp features many different modes, those allow the star light projector to create original light effects keeping boredom at bay.
The night light is very dynamic - some of the stars light up while others fade out. The light effects of the projector calms down and helps the child to fall asleep. Besides the light effects, thanks to the bright light the device can also be used as a bedside lamp.
The star light projector is the perfect decoration both for a childs and a teenagers room - many adults would also like to spend the night under a starry sky. The star master bedside lamp will turn every evening into a magical one of a kind experience. The star projector creates stunning effects while casting light on the walls, the ceiling and the window pane. You can also place the star light lamp under the christmas tree to create a magical christmas atmosphere. The star master bedside lamp is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), this allows it to be moved around. The star master dynamic night light  will let you create a piece of starry sky of your own.

IMITATES STARS PERFECTLY - casts beautiful star patterns on the walls, windows and the ceiling.


DYNAMIC EFFECTS - some of the stars light up while others fade out.


MANY WORK MODES - depending on the chosen mode the projector shows diverse light effects


DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL - the projector offer stunning visual effects, thanks to its bright light it can also be used as a bedside lamp.


SPECIFICATION - power supply: 3x AA (not included), dimensions (width/height): 10.8/11.5 cm, weight: 165 g.



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