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Tent for children 3 in 1 – igloo house with tunnel





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Tent for children 3 in 1 – igloo house with tunnel + balls #2881

What is the guarantee of hours of exquisite fun? Only a tent with balls and a tunnel! This colourful tent with its tunnel and balls is the best toy for your child. It is an amazing toy that will bring a smile to every childs face, no matter their age. The set includes a large square house, a long tunnel, a transparent igloo-tent with up to 200 balls to guarantee excitement for your child. It is impossible to get bored in there! All pieces of the house and ball set can be used separately or together - plenty of interesting options for fun.
The igloo with tunnel and balls is safe and easy to assemble. It couldnt be easier - the tent and tunnel is instantly ready to use. You just have to take it out of the cover and its done. You dont need any skills or hours of reading "simple manuals", there are no tiny pieces to disappear in unknown circumstances - everything happens swiftly by itself. Then its time to attach the tunnel to your favourite window and release the balls so the fun can begin. The frame of the tent is made of stable fibreglass and colourful synthetic fabric suitable for childrens ecstatic fun. The lightweight balls are made from plastic and will return to their original shape even after being crushed. The tent with balls is very easy to disassemble and place it in the practical cover with handles that make it easy to carry it. The folded set doesnt take a lot of space.
The house with balls and tunnel is great fun at home and in the fresh air. It is very colourful, so it will encourage every child to play and smile. The igloo and tunnel can be assembled at home or outside. Thanks to easy assembly and disassembly, as well as the ease of carrying the tent, you can successfully take it with you to the garden, on the beach or on a picnic.


ENDLESS FUN - this colourful tunnel with balls is so entertaining that you will never get bored.


READY TO USE - tool-free connections and no manual required


STIMULATES IMAGINATION - the tunnel can joined to the house in many configurations, every element can also be used separately.


COMPACT WHEN FOLDED - after playing, the tent can be folded and packed away in its cover to be stored in a cupboard or taken with you on a trip.


SPECIFICATION - dimensions (length/width/height): 379/105/118 cm, tunnel dimensions (length/diameter): 175/45 cm, set includes: igloo tent + tent cube with detachable roof + tunnel + 200 balls.



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