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Flying Ball Disc Hover Ball For a Child Children T





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Flying Ball Disc Hover Ball For a Child Children Toy Football House Interior Outdoor 6065

The amazing flying ball is the indispensable companion during house play, especially when there’s bad weather outside. The toy offers a wonderful playtime and it’s a great companion during your spare time.
After turning on thanks to built in impeller the lightweight disc power by batteries can hover just above the surface of the earth. It has an oval slightly flattened shape, the top of the toy has black and white football pattern, one could even call t a “flying ball”. In order to move it all you have to do is kick it without using much force. It’s best to use it over a flat surface such as tiles oraz panels, or outside on an even surface. In addition the disc shines a subtle light in three different colour: red, pink and blue, this makes the product more attractive and makes the playtime more interesting. It’s especially impressive in darker interiors or outside during the evening and nighttime. 
The disc is covered with a durable black foam, making it more robust and ensuring a longer lifetime and protecting the furniture pieces inside the house or the apartment from getting damaged. Once it reaches an obstacle it will bounce off of it and continue its flight without having to worry about it getting destroyed. The flying ball is a great alternative to playing on a playground or on the grass. The child can spend time in an active way even during a rainy day because they will not have to go outside to play.
The disk is suitable for playing by yourself, with a friend or in a bigger group, you can also play with your cat or your dog. It’s perfectly suitable for children, teenagers and adults. The disc is perfect for individual use but also as a kindergarten toy, you can take it to a children’s playground or it can serve as a educational facility toy.
The flying ball will make a wonderful gift for every child interested in football.

HOVERS ABOVE THE SURFACE - the lightweight disc is powered by batteries, and after turning it on thanks to the built in impeller it han hover above the slightly above the ground than all you have to do kick the  the disc to move it it’s best to use it on flat surfaces such as as tiles or panel or outside on an even surface.


EMITS LIGHT - the toy disc flashes three colours of light: red, pink and blue, this makes the product more attractive and ensures a mores interesting playtime.


SPECIFICATIONS - dimensions (width/height) 18/6.5cm age 3+ certificates CE,EN 71 set weight 235 g



FOAM COATING - the disk has been covered with a durable coating, this makes it more durable and ensures a longer life, at the same time protecting the the furniture inside the house from damage


AN ALTERNATIVE TO PLAYGROUND GAMES - the flying ball will allow the child to spend time in an attractive and active way during a rainy day or other weather conditions which force the child to stay at home.



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