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Yoga Mat Extra Thick 1 cm Pilates Fitness Cushion





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Yoga Mat Extra Thick 1 cm Pilates Fitness Cushion Non Slip Exercise Pad High Density Balance NBR 181 cm Long Yoga Blue Gray Black 7864

Fitness mat made
The foam fitness mat has both sides non-slip properties.You can exercise without problems in different positions, without the risk of slipping and injury.The exercise mat is made of soft and flexible NBR foam -that is, synthetic rubber with a thickness of up to 1 cm,while using our body is not subject to discomfort which gives the use of a thin mat.Such a thickness of yoga mat makes the exercises on it very comfortable - also in positions where the body weight is transferred to one point.Also, the dimensions of the fitness mat allow you to do practically all types of gymnastic training.On the exercise mat, you can practice both lying down and kneeling positions.You can also stably rest on, for example, elbows -yoga mat does not permanently deform under pressure .
Versatility is another advantage that this very original mat has.It can be successfully used not only for exercise, but also in tourism. It works perfectly as a mattress for tourist trips or an alternative blanket for picnicsin a meadow.The fitness mat is light - it weighs about 850g, so you can take it with you wherever you go.The exercise mat is also extremely resistant to tearing , so you can use it without worrying about quick destruction and wear.

      • gymnastics
      • yoga
      • Fitness
      • rehabilitation

THICK, WATERPROOF MATERIAL – the mat is made of waterproof NBR cushioning foam (to be confirmed), during exercise our body can perform exercises without any discomfort. The mat is thick - up to 1cm, the thicker mat gives more comfort to our bodyand joints, allows painless and pleasant exercises on it. Is insulated from a cold substrate.It does not deform when using it.


  DOES NOT SLIP – the mat has excellent grip, does not slip during exercise, which significantly affects the safety of use. It does not extend to what is important during yoga exercise.It is flexible, thanks to which it has a low shape memory, thanks to which thefoam quickly returns to the initial shape.


HANDLE FOR TRANSFER - in the set there are elastic belts, which we can put on a mat after folding and a handle - carrying handle, which will make it much easier to transport it. No problem, we can take it to the gym, outdoor or any other place.


VERSATILE APPLICATION – the mat can be used for exercising at home, at the gym or as an alternative as a mattress on a trip.


SPECIFICATION - color: blue / gray / black (length / width /height): 181 / 61.5 / 1cm weight: 850g material: NBR foam



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