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About us

Kiddystores is a subsidiary of the group Unimode

Kiddystore is a subsidiary of the group Unimode which produces and sells a wide collection of baby and children textile products throughout Europe since more than 30 years.

We have a strong potential of licenses, including Charmmy Kitty, Dora, Bob l’éponge, Beyblade, Cars, Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Superman, Batman, Skylander, Asterix, Hotweels, Barbie, Princess, Simpsons, Tweety and many more…

This allowed us to respond and to develop to the license-specific markets according to their own criteria and industries to each sector and area of ​​activity.To approach our centers of interest as closely as possible, we have created this site for you, it will allow you to visualize the total of our products, to recognize all the quirks immediately and give you even the ability to order anything. We are of course at your disposal on this site or directly via our sales team.





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