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About us

Our Company

MaKant Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main is a wholesale company and sells products ranging from consumer electronics, storage media and computer accessories, clothing and textiles, pet supplies, toys and models, as well as various household articles and items.

After starting 2003 in the retail business has already changed gradually from 2004 on sales only to retailers, companies and institutions. Another step in our expansion was the creation of our brand Reekin in 2006 to more targeted to position ourselves in the market. End of 2006 was followed by the change of the company name on MaKant Europe GmbH & Co. KG.

Nationwide distribution partnerships, the Internet presence and e-commerce are expanding our pan-European dealer network, which steadily gained new business partners.

Our brand

The range of Reekin includes computer accessories such as card readers, USB hubs, webcams or notebook cooler and other products from the consumer electronics sector, such as multimedia speakers and Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Through the production of the brand Reekin we are able to offer high quality electronic products at competitive prices. Of the autonomous development through production to delivery the highest quality standards are maintained and used modern technologies. So we can offer the products with a stable, fair price microstructure. Our specific objective is to produce products that reflect the modern trends in technical and functional and stand out through a clear, innovative design line of comparable products on the international market.

Our Location

At the turn of 2008/2009 we moved after a thorough renovation of the building our new headquarters to Frankfurt Fechenheim commercial area in the north-chaser road. Thanks to the new location and much larger areas we could expand further.




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