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About us

Rainbow Geschenkartikel Import and Export GmbH

We are a wholesaler of trendy items, gifts and sunglasses as well as fashion accessories. Fashion, jewelry and fashion accessories also belong to our assortment. In the area of ​​lighting items and party items for wholesale, we offer a broad spectrum of products. Our Wholesale is directed exclusively to resellers (B2B). Rainbow Import and Export offers a variety of Christmas Hats for wholesale.

Santa Hats and Christmas items range

Christmas costumes for wholesale are offered as well as Santa hats and Christmas accessories. We have Christmas hats in many version. For example, flashing and glowing Christmas hats for wholesale. Please, try our assortment of blue Christmas hats and Santa hats. Our red Santa hats are available in many designs and colors such as red, green and blue. Even the green Christmas hat with braids or the LED flashing and bright red Santa hat and Santa Claus hat with LED illuminated letters are in our range of retailers.

During this season we offer scarves as loop and tube scarves for wholesale. Still cloths and towels triangle, partially in crinkle look, as knit scarves,  can be offerd to you as a reseller in various designs. As supplier of scarves and knit scarves and loop tube scarves we offer a wide selection.
You can count on us as your supplier of hats and fur hats, as well as a supplier of knitted hats and caps with fur. Please, choose from our sortmiemnt for caps and knit caps, scarves, loop and tube scarves.

Especially the fluffy ear muffs and ear muffs with or without fur optics are on top at the moment .. Ear warmers, earmuffs   with knitting or knitting patterns or with fur look,
sells particularly good. The ladies love our warm scarves and hats.

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