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Christmas set for Kuschel- & Pets





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Christmas Set includes collar and cap for Kuschel- & Pets

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Christmas hats in wholesale Buy cheap - with Santa hats and your loyal customers happy with our range of over 120 different Christmas hats Santa Claus hats and you can make your reseller and merchant customers a wide range of different Christmas items. Our Christmas hats cheap but high quality manufactured to meet not only children but also adults hearts with fun at Christmas. Explore this section to iscover and our selection of Santa hats and Christmas hats for wholesale. Especially for dealers and resellers offering our Import Christmas hats a good margin and satisfied customers. The selection decision - our X-mas Weihnachstartikel delight young and old at Christmas We offer a large selection Christmas Hats or Santa Hats wholesale. For children, for adults, flashing in different colors, with pigtails and a cowboy hat in wholesale but also Santa hats with lighting innovations in Christmas hats for Christmas market and online retailers in the import trade flasher or LED bulb Christmas hats you find bie us. We have the Christmas hat with fur partially or plush and Christmas hat with lettering in wholesale but of course the famous Santa hats is particularly popular new Christmas Santa Hat in the wholesale and the high quality luxury Santa hat. Our new Weihnachstkostüme for boys and girls but also sexy costumes for Christmas adult complete our range. Since there are on the one hand, the soft night costume set for women, which is more suitable for the evening hours and the classic Weihnachstmann costume for the Lord. For fun birds in wholesale we also have mini Weihnachstmützen, Christmas Decoration, Weihnachtsblinkies and Tannenbaum Nikolausmützen.Neuheiten in Christmas sales for wholesale and online retail The new Christmas slippers are the gag for Christmas 2013. The Christmas slippers are available to fit the Christmas hat as Santa Claus slippers but of course as a Christmas Slippers with bear head in wholesale as innovations in the Weihnachstmützen we can offer for a Christmas Hat with LED Light Bommel or the mini-Weihnachstmützen. Of course, there are also small Weihnachsthüte and Merry-Christmas-hats. For the morning after the party we also offer festive egg cozy for Christmas to our resellers.


Weihnachtsmütze, Weihnachten, Nikolaus

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