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GER ST Paris Heritage Pink 200 x 200 Pink

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ST Paris Heritage Pink 200 x 200 Pink

Sleeptime - Microperkal - Pink

Material: Microperkal

Including two pillowcases [80x80]

Sleeptime Paris Heritage pink duvet cover

The Sleeptime Paris Heritage Pink -duvet cover is fitted with cheerful and elegant details. In the middle of the cover you will find the text Paris Heritage since 1907. The whole therefore has a romantic aura. Your bed is through this beautiful duvet cover once the focal point of your bedroom. The included pillowcases are also provided with the same beautiful print. Combine this duvet cover with several bedroom accessories for a complete whole.

The Sleeptime Paris Heritage Grey -duvet cover is made of 100% Microperkal. The result feels soft and comfortable. The cover is moisture-regulating, breathable, non-iron and strong. These features contribute to a good night's sleep. Sleeping under this easily maintained Sleeptime -duvet cover is Pure luxury. The Sleeptime Paris Heritage Grey -duvet cover has a tuck in across the width. The duvet cover is due to its neutral color and pattern into its own in a modern interior style.


  • Quality: 100% Micropercal
  • Equipped with a tuck.
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